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Welcome Festival | Day 01 | Earth Sector | OPEN

Characters: You! And you! Even you!
Location: Earth Sector
Situation: The first day of the Welcome Festival is underway and there's plenty of things to see and do!
Warnings/Rating: Fun and frolicking! To be updated if actual warnable material occurs.

OOC Details:
>The IC festivities begin at dawn and close two hours after sunset, at which point the kedan clean up the Sector while the next is being prepared.
>Each major area/activity has a header thread started that you can tag into in. People can then respond to you and the party can begin!
>A header thread for OTHER is available for any festival-related interactions not covered by the rest.
>No one is limited to starting just one thread! If you want to have your character partake of the food and the lanterns? Start a thread in each!

Lieuen kicks off the six-day festival at dawn in the Earth Sector, where the meticulously laid streets and carved sculptures have been cleaned and polished to a beautiful sheen.

Hardy rickshaws pulled by kedan wearing bright yellow and green hats have been scattered throughout the sector to offer free guided tours for single and double occupants. Alas, they cannot provide a bird's eye view, but trust these informed guides to know all the fairest shops and most interesting sights, from the famous Polished Fountain (where a flow of sand wears the edges of gravel and carvings into a beautiful sheen) to the little nooks and crannies from which some of the most skilled weavers work their craft.

Festivalgoers are reminded that four gangs operate out of the Earth Sector and that one should always mind their pockets and prizes lest they be stolen away. The Alderwood Commander has increased the police presence in the sector for this day and there have been confirmed sightings of him at work during one or two larger altercations. Common crimes that might occur run to the theme of pickpocketing and alleyway muggings, which can be reported to the nearest officer for immediate tracking and/or apprehension of the suspect. Should two or more characters get into an large-scale altercation, be it with NPCs or one another, please advise Alex ([plurk.com profile] reignsdown or gmail or aim) for intervention/dispersal as a result of the increased police presence.

The economic heart of the Earth Festival lies in the narrow streets that crowd around the portion of Keeliai's center that falls under the Sector's influence. Streets that are generally wide enough to permit the passage of carts have been overtaken by small stalls, spread carpets, and dozens of mercantile displays showcasing the beautiful textiles and carvings that the local kedan are known for.

Today is the day for festival fashion by the sight of the Sector's seamstresses and tailors with their many designs laid out of viewing. Narrow alleyways have been transformed into sizing and dressing corridors for those who wish to try before they buy or to have something crafted. Styles are reminiscent of hanfu, cheongsam, or changshan, but the skilled kedan may tailor something more specific with a hint of inspiration and for the right price.

Wise to the fact that most foreigners have only their twenty juulan allowance and six days of festivities to enjoy, the fair-minded kedan are open to both bartering and arrangements to be paid once their customers have received compensation for their daily three hours of work. Careful though! Credit is carefully measured out and the Earth Sector businesses expect you to hold up your end of the bargain the moment you earn the juulan with which to do it.

Bordering the fair, where the streets widen the deeper one goes into the sector, are the food stalls can be found with plentiful selections of dried meats and a variety of cheeses as the main theme. Some adventurous kedan have hot food on the ready, from steamed buns to rice mixed with meats and vegetables.

There is less liquor in the Earth Festival than some might prefer as the sector is not one of excess. Ales and lagers are the flavour of the day, all of it carefully measured and dispensed to those characters that are considered adults back on their world. Careful when it comes to lying about your age, for underage drinking is a criminal offense on the part of the server and the customer here!

Food and drink are, for the most part, free. Customers found to be returning frequently or abusing the gifts will be charged minor amounts to recoup the unexpected additional costs that comes with feeding hardier metabolisms.

Three city blocks on the main merchant's strip of the Earth Sector have been temporarily transformed into a hive of crafting activity. Here the kedan and foreigners are not only welcome, but are encouraged to make round paper lanterns to decorate the sector. Bamboo frames and rice paper are easily accessed in this area, with the paper tinged to browns, greens, and yellows to highlight the earthy tones of the area.

While the lantern-making is a center of interest and activity, the kedan involved are not as raucous at other sections of the festival. There's a degree of reverence to the lanterns and, if asked, the kedan explain it as being both a celebration of the Sector's life and a tribute to its history.

All activities available during the Earth Festival are themed to solidity and strength, so get those biceps flexing and come out the carving parks! Typically large, open areas for the display of newly finished sculptures (and home to weekly markets for smaller textiles), these spaces have been cleared to lay out a dozen tables in each for one-on-one arm wrestling with kedans both participating and playing as referee.

Mats are also laid out for informal wrestling between kedan and foreigners, with referees on hand to call points and fouls. There are two or three such spreads in each park and each of them is monitored by at least one law enforcement officer to ensure that no one crosses the line from wrestling the assault.

The most popular event in the Earth Festival happens to be team-based tug-of-war hosted in the largest park of the Sector. Lieuen had a thick rope woven specifically for this event that is capable of withstanding incredible levels of tension without breaking. Twin platforms have been erected over a mud pit built and watered specifically for this event. Teams can be arranged ahead of time or participants can be assigned a spot just prior to a round, with a maximum of five members per team. The rules are simple: The team pulled off the platform and into the mud loses and the winning team stays on as champion (for a maximum of five rounds before they must win their spot again).

Lieuen has tasked two dozen kedan to wander the festival, dispensing prizes to all characters that participate in the activities outlined above or who simply make an appearance in the Earth Sector today! Identified by the same unique hats as the rickshaw guides, they can be seen giving out (at random) the following:

>Handcrafted fans
>Palm-sized stone carvings of Tu Vishan
>Woven wallets/coin envelopes
>Small bags filled with dried ginger-like candies
>Juulan (1-3)

This is not a long or involved process to obtain, believe it or not! Characters that appear during the Earth Festival, be it in this post or another IC means (example: network posts), are eligible to receive one of the prizes listed above. No mod approval or intervention required!

(Stay tuned for each sector's festival, as it is rumoured the prizes will change for each sector. Characters that participate in one festival and received a prize can receive prizes in the other sector festivals as well!)
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[personal profile] zydrateanatomy 2012-08-03 03:21 am (UTC)(link)
[Now Grave really couldn't be much arsed to come out and enjoy a 'festival', but the locals caught his attention rather effectively atthe mention of free food and crowds. He wove through the people, his eyes intent as he looks over the offered wares and foodstuffs. Much to his delight, a vendor offers him a frothy mug of ale, which he takes with a toast in the kedan's direction.

Drinking as he walks, he peruses more and more, sampling things from the various offered trays. It wasn't anything he'd had. Score, but then they didn't appear to be serving roast suckling rat at any of the stalls. A shame, that... rats took to roasting so well. His own purse of juulan is secured somewhere in the depths of his coat, as is his supply of Z and his tools of the trade.

He finishes his ale and discards of mug in the appropriate manner, lips pursed as he squints up at the sun. He really could use something to help with that, but it would have to wait until he cleared the food stalls.

Around that point is when her catches sight of Yelena, picking and sampling in the afternoon sun. He's just going to do his normal Graverobber thing and watch her, leaning against a nearby stall post with a plate of assorted items in his hand.
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[Yelena doesn't notice the man at first, intent on checking and double checking the food and drinks before she consumes them. As far as she can tell, everything is safe enough.

She looks up from a bun, watching the kedan around her, when she sees Graverobber standing not far from her, watching.

Pausing midway to lifting the bun back up to her lips, she stares back.]

What are you looking at?
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[personal profile] zydrateanatomy 2012-08-03 04:40 am (UTC)(link)
[Grave is hardly making a secret of watching her, popping small bite-sized bites into his mouth. If he's judging her, or merely watching, there is no differential to mark one or the other. But it's something Grave does and has done for most of his 'professional' life.

He takes his time chewing and swallowing before finally replying.

Just checking out the goods, Kid. Same as you and everyone else that's poking around out here.

[There is no condensation in his voice, just the facts. He holds out his plate, doing his best to look harmless.]

Try the little red things... I didn't dare ask what the hell they were, but they're tasty.
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[personal profile] tasteforpoison 2012-08-03 05:33 am (UTC)(link)
[Little good has ever come of someone watching her so intently, so Yelena is automatically on her guard, even if he doesn't appear menacing on the surface.

She's been wrong before.

The weight of her switchblade strapped to her thigh provides a measure of comfort, at least, and Yelena looks at the plate of red things with apprehension.]

Thanks I'll get my own.
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[If there was one thing that being in his line of work had taught Grave, besides how to run rather quickly, it was to read people. There were sales to be lost if you didn’t know how to pick out a junkie from an average Joe, let alone jail time is you tried to push on a cop.
Sidenote: he didn’t recommend trying to sell to a cop unless they came looking for you first.
There is no missing the fact that the woman before him begins to tense, so he just remains relaxed and calm. No sense in creeping out the girl or coming off as skeevy when he wasn’t even trying to do so.

Suite yourself.
[He doesn’t seem insulted or bothered in the least, but then he’s gotten far worse then a simple brush off in the past. He pops one of said pieces into his mouth, the spiced meat still warm and flavorful. Changing tactics, he gestures to whatever item she’s most recently picked up.]
How are those?
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[personal profile] tasteforpoison 2012-08-04 01:55 am (UTC)(link)
[Yelena's glad that he's not pressing her to accept as some might. Her shoulders relax slightly as she gives him a more careful look. He doesn't seem bothered by her refusal, not even behind his eyes.

She follows his gaze to her bun and smiles tentatively.]

They're really good, actually. There's nothing like them where I'm from...You can get them from the stall just across the way, see it?

[She points to one with a particularly odd looking kedan manning the front counter.]
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[personal profile] zydrateanatomy 2012-08-05 06:21 pm (UTC)(link)
[You’d have to be pretty dim to not see the tension that almost immediately slips from the girl’s figure, and Grave knew immediately he played it right by hanging back and keeping the sarcasm to a minimum. He offers a light smile that is only a fraction of a smirk (really, it’s an effort for him).]
There? With the chap who looks even more eccentric than I do?
[Jokes lighten the mood, right? He gestures to the kedan she’d pointed out a moment earlier.]
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[personal profile] tasteforpoison 2012-08-05 07:33 pm (UTC)(link)
[She smiles a bit when he voices the opinion she had thought to herself. It goes a little way toward getting her to not be quiiiite so paranoid.]

Yes, him. If you ask, there's a sauce that you can dip them in too. Didn't try it myself but he offered.
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[personal profile] zydrateanatomy 2012-08-10 01:41 am (UTC)(link)
[The fact that she seems willing to smile is a good sign that he was correct about her. Grave returns the smile, dipping his head slightly.]
Well, I feel like living on the edge today, so I shall make a point to ask the gentleman for a meat bun with sauce, thank you…? [A slight raise of the brows as he drops the inquiry for her name.]
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[personal profile] tasteforpoison 2012-08-10 05:10 am (UTC)(link)

[No last name to give. The smile stays on her face more or less as she tilts her head at him, questioning as well...]

And you?
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[personal profile] zydrateanatomy 2012-08-10 06:30 pm (UTC)(link)
 [Have a proper Graverobber smile and half bow, Yelena. No, really, check this guy out as he flourishes just for you!]
The pleasure is all mine, Yelena. Graverobber is the name and my business is the collection and distribution of Zydrate.
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[personal profile] tasteforpoison 2012-08-11 10:23 pm (UTC)(link)
[Fascinating...however, Yelena can't help but be a bit dubious about the man.]

Your name is Graverobber? [Eyebrow raise.] What's Zydrate?
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[personal profile] zydrateanatomy 2012-08-12 11:22 pm (UTC)(link)
[Grave chuckles, not bothered at all with the number of times he’s had this pointed out to him.]

Not a name you’d typically hear, I give you that, but it’s been mine for more than twenty years, so I’ll keep it for now.

[Come, child and let Uncle Grave teach you about drugs!!! He gives a warm smile and pulls one of his lovely glowing vials from an inner pocket of his coat.]

Zydrate my dear… [He holds the vial between forefinger and thumb, framing it with his other hand.] It’s the 21st century cure and a purer form you will never find, that I can guarantee.
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[personal profile] tasteforpoison 2012-08-14 03:31 am (UTC)(link)
[She has to wonder just how he got the name, but she'll put that question aside for something more pressing.


She stares at the glowing blue liquid with wide eyes. She's seen hundreds of poisons and antidotes over the last several months. Names, smells, tastes all things she's memorized and can summon knowledge off almost instantly.

But this is nothing she's ever seen before.]

What kind of cure? What does it do?

[Could there be something in another world that could serve as an antidote for Butterfly's Dust?]
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[personal profile] zydrateanatomy 2012-08-14 04:47 am (UTC)(link)
[Business deals is where Grave shines and though he doesn't quite have her yet, there is no missing the interest; and like a shark to water, Grave starts circling.]

To everything, Kid. There is one drug that matters back home and this... [He wiggles the glowing liquid.] is it. It will change your life, rest assured. But it's not for everyone... most people can't handle Z.

[This is where he lays the bait.] Zydrate isn't a kid toy... it's good and you'll feel the effects immediately, but...

[He studies her intently, as if trying to decide something and all the while he taps that glowing vial of possibilities against his chin. Does he have your interest, Yelena?]

I'll tell you what... you look like a smart kid that's capable of making big decisions and you seem to have at least some interest here. I'll give you the first taste for free and you can judge for yourself...?

[Her choice. He was just the amiable salesman, giving her the choice to walk or express interest.]
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[personal profile] tasteforpoison 2012-08-15 04:39 pm (UTC)(link)
[Yelena looks at it carefully still, trying to decide. On one hand, he says it's a cure. For everything...

On the other hand he sounds like he's trying to play this up to make a sale and he doesn't even know what she's trying to cure which makes her suspicious.]

Is it a permanent cure? Does it work for a lethal dose of Butterfly's Dust?

[Because if it doesn't, well, then she'll keep with the solution the kedan came up with and hope it holds out.]
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[If it sounds like a sales pitch, Yelena, there is definitely a reason for it. While he will never force Z on someone that says no, there is a relative ease about getting people to use it back home. Granted, it helped that everyone ‘back home’ knew what it was, so the selling points were already known.
Here, though, he had to find someone willing to take that first taste. Once he had one person (or kedan) in on it, word of mouth became his tool of trade.
When she asks if it’s a permanent cure or if it will cure a lethal dose of butterfly’s dust, she looks a fine balance between cautious and hopeful. However, Grave’s actually never heard of Butterfly’s Dust before and for all he knows, it could be glitter that she’s been snorting. Sooooo… a good time for questions!!

You’d have to tell me what the Dust does to ya, Kid… I wouldn’t want to offer you something if I don’t know what you’re already taking or fighting.
[Look how attentive to your needs he is being, Yelena. Is that how a selfish man that is only trying to make a sale acts?]
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[personal profile] tasteforpoison 2012-08-18 01:16 am (UTC)(link)
[Yelena hesitates. Explaining...might lead to more questions. Why she took Butterfly's Dust in the first place. Why she doesn't know a lot about it...]

Is this offer on the table only now? Or can I think about it for a bit?

[She wants time to research this zydrate independent of whatever he might tell her, if at all possible.]
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[personal profile] zydrateanatomy 2012-08-19 12:09 am (UTC)(link)
[Grave smiles and shakes his head, although he's already putting the vial back into his coat.]

Open anytime you might be interested, Kid... If you find out this place can't offer you anything helpful, just ask for me and I'll be right along.

[Good luck finding out anything right away, Yelena. It would be a bit before he got his customer base firmly in hand.]
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[personal profile] tasteforpoison 2012-08-19 01:41 am (UTC)(link)
[She nods immediately, glad he doesn't push her about it.]

I'll let you know, Graverobber.

[But because she can't help her curiosity...]

What do most people want it for? What does it do for them?
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[personal profile] zydrateanatomy 2012-08-19 04:13 am (UTC)(link)
[Grave is smart, even if he acts quite aloof, and he nods his head to the girl. He won't push the point, because she'll be all the less likely to come back for it if he does.

And the fact that she was still asking questions just made him more and more certain of this fact.

When the world around you is addicted to perfection, you take your outs when you can, Kid. Zydrate gives people the out they're looking for... Just a brief spark and then... nothing.
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[personal profile] tasteforpoison 2012-08-19 04:17 am (UTC)(link)
[That's...very vague. Very non-specific.

She nods as if it makes sense, but she can't imagine a world addicted to perfection. Ixia is so different, so strict and military. Perfection is a goal but not the kind that's reached through anything other than hard work.]

I think I understand. I'll let you know if I need it, or if I meet anyone else who does.

[Probably not, but who knows, something may come up...]
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[personal profile] zydrateanatomy 2012-09-04 04:52 pm (UTC)(link)
[He was certainly a helpful fellow with his thorough explanations, wasn’t he?]
I’ll be waiting with the utmost anticipation, Yelena.