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Welcome Festival | Day 01 | Earth Sector | OPEN

Characters: You! And you! Even you!
Location: Earth Sector
Situation: The first day of the Welcome Festival is underway and there's plenty of things to see and do!
Warnings/Rating: Fun and frolicking! To be updated if actual warnable material occurs.

OOC Details:
>The IC festivities begin at dawn and close two hours after sunset, at which point the kedan clean up the Sector while the next is being prepared.
>Each major area/activity has a header thread started that you can tag into in. People can then respond to you and the party can begin!
>A header thread for OTHER is available for any festival-related interactions not covered by the rest.
>No one is limited to starting just one thread! If you want to have your character partake of the food and the lanterns? Start a thread in each!

Lieuen kicks off the six-day festival at dawn in the Earth Sector, where the meticulously laid streets and carved sculptures have been cleaned and polished to a beautiful sheen.

Hardy rickshaws pulled by kedan wearing bright yellow and green hats have been scattered throughout the sector to offer free guided tours for single and double occupants. Alas, they cannot provide a bird's eye view, but trust these informed guides to know all the fairest shops and most interesting sights, from the famous Polished Fountain (where a flow of sand wears the edges of gravel and carvings into a beautiful sheen) to the little nooks and crannies from which some of the most skilled weavers work their craft.

Festivalgoers are reminded that four gangs operate out of the Earth Sector and that one should always mind their pockets and prizes lest they be stolen away. The Alderwood Commander has increased the police presence in the sector for this day and there have been confirmed sightings of him at work during one or two larger altercations. Common crimes that might occur run to the theme of pickpocketing and alleyway muggings, which can be reported to the nearest officer for immediate tracking and/or apprehension of the suspect. Should two or more characters get into an large-scale altercation, be it with NPCs or one another, please advise Alex ([plurk.com profile] reignsdown or gmail or aim) for intervention/dispersal as a result of the increased police presence.

The economic heart of the Earth Festival lies in the narrow streets that crowd around the portion of Keeliai's center that falls under the Sector's influence. Streets that are generally wide enough to permit the passage of carts have been overtaken by small stalls, spread carpets, and dozens of mercantile displays showcasing the beautiful textiles and carvings that the local kedan are known for.

Today is the day for festival fashion by the sight of the Sector's seamstresses and tailors with their many designs laid out of viewing. Narrow alleyways have been transformed into sizing and dressing corridors for those who wish to try before they buy or to have something crafted. Styles are reminiscent of hanfu, cheongsam, or changshan, but the skilled kedan may tailor something more specific with a hint of inspiration and for the right price.

Wise to the fact that most foreigners have only their twenty juulan allowance and six days of festivities to enjoy, the fair-minded kedan are open to both bartering and arrangements to be paid once their customers have received compensation for their daily three hours of work. Careful though! Credit is carefully measured out and the Earth Sector businesses expect you to hold up your end of the bargain the moment you earn the juulan with which to do it.

Bordering the fair, where the streets widen the deeper one goes into the sector, are the food stalls can be found with plentiful selections of dried meats and a variety of cheeses as the main theme. Some adventurous kedan have hot food on the ready, from steamed buns to rice mixed with meats and vegetables.

There is less liquor in the Earth Festival than some might prefer as the sector is not one of excess. Ales and lagers are the flavour of the day, all of it carefully measured and dispensed to those characters that are considered adults back on their world. Careful when it comes to lying about your age, for underage drinking is a criminal offense on the part of the server and the customer here!

Food and drink are, for the most part, free. Customers found to be returning frequently or abusing the gifts will be charged minor amounts to recoup the unexpected additional costs that comes with feeding hardier metabolisms.

Three city blocks on the main merchant's strip of the Earth Sector have been temporarily transformed into a hive of crafting activity. Here the kedan and foreigners are not only welcome, but are encouraged to make round paper lanterns to decorate the sector. Bamboo frames and rice paper are easily accessed in this area, with the paper tinged to browns, greens, and yellows to highlight the earthy tones of the area.

While the lantern-making is a center of interest and activity, the kedan involved are not as raucous at other sections of the festival. There's a degree of reverence to the lanterns and, if asked, the kedan explain it as being both a celebration of the Sector's life and a tribute to its history.

All activities available during the Earth Festival are themed to solidity and strength, so get those biceps flexing and come out the carving parks! Typically large, open areas for the display of newly finished sculptures (and home to weekly markets for smaller textiles), these spaces have been cleared to lay out a dozen tables in each for one-on-one arm wrestling with kedans both participating and playing as referee.

Mats are also laid out for informal wrestling between kedan and foreigners, with referees on hand to call points and fouls. There are two or three such spreads in each park and each of them is monitored by at least one law enforcement officer to ensure that no one crosses the line from wrestling the assault.

The most popular event in the Earth Festival happens to be team-based tug-of-war hosted in the largest park of the Sector. Lieuen had a thick rope woven specifically for this event that is capable of withstanding incredible levels of tension without breaking. Twin platforms have been erected over a mud pit built and watered specifically for this event. Teams can be arranged ahead of time or participants can be assigned a spot just prior to a round, with a maximum of five members per team. The rules are simple: The team pulled off the platform and into the mud loses and the winning team stays on as champion (for a maximum of five rounds before they must win their spot again).

Lieuen has tasked two dozen kedan to wander the festival, dispensing prizes to all characters that participate in the activities outlined above or who simply make an appearance in the Earth Sector today! Identified by the same unique hats as the rickshaw guides, they can be seen giving out (at random) the following:

>Handcrafted fans
>Palm-sized stone carvings of Tu Vishan
>Woven wallets/coin envelopes
>Small bags filled with dried ginger-like candies
>Juulan (1-3)

This is not a long or involved process to obtain, believe it or not! Characters that appear during the Earth Festival, be it in this post or another IC means (example: network posts), are eligible to receive one of the prizes listed above. No mod approval or intervention required!

(Stay tuned for each sector's festival, as it is rumoured the prizes will change for each sector. Characters that participate in one festival and received a prize can receive prizes in the other sector festivals as well!)
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[personal profile] zydrateanatomy 2012-08-03 03:26 am (UTC)(link)
[Have one Graverobber, properly stuffed with food and moving still through the fair grounds. He'd had issue withthe sun already, and it wasn't getting any better as the day progressed. As a matter of course, it seemed to be getting worse and all due to the perfectly pretty sun and it's sun shiny ways.

Grave hated the sun. Sun wasn't something he dealt with back home, as the hours he kept were the latest possible and the smog kept it at a distance during waking hours.

How can people live in this? It's so... bright...

[It's mostly muttered to himself as he moves to duck into a nearby stall, trying to save himself and clearly unhappy.]
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[personal profile] flawedgoods 2012-08-07 04:21 am (UTC)(link)
[Favrielle looks at the strange man with his pale face and make up, the outfit that appears to have no rhyme or reason, and her lips press together in a thin line.]

It's quite common in most worlds, I surmise.

[He isn't talking to her, but she can't help but comment. It's not as if anyone else she's seen is having such an issue with the sunlight.]

You might do better to come only at night if it is such a problem.
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[personal profile] zydrateanatomy 2012-08-10 01:43 am (UTC)(link)
[Grave studies the young woman and he knows judgment when he sees it. It was something he’s dealt with pretty much every day of his life, so what was a little more?]
Is that so? [He does his best to look shocked.] The sun can be found everywhere? Well, that is horrid.
[His tone is bemused and no small amount sarcastic as he shoots a grin at her.]
Oh, will be for certain, but your concern is most appreciated.
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[personal profile] flawedgoods 2012-08-10 03:51 am (UTC)(link)
[Favrielle stiffened. She knew when she was being toyed with and his behavior made her spine stiffen. She squared her shoulders. His personality type always grated on her. Never serious, happy to poke at others and make light or ridiculous as they pleased.

She tilted her head up ever so slightly.]

You're welcome. You'll excuse me, I have somewhere to be.

[And she turns and starts to walk away.]
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[personal profile] zydrateanatomy 2012-08-10 06:33 pm (UTC)(link)
[Graverobber isn’t entirely shocked to receive such a cool reception. In fact, it’s how pretty much everyone outside of the streetwalkers and junkies treats him back home, so it doesn’t even sting. However, it’s the sort of reaction that just goads him into bothering someone rather constantly. He’d have you ask Shilo about this, but well… turtleback and all that makes this a little bit hard just now.]
Oh, it’s of no mind… I hate to see a pretty lady leave so soon, though... Stick around, I don’t bite... [A salacious grin.] Does everyone earn such a warm welcome from you or am I just special?
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[Favrielle continues walking, with a roll of her eyes. So sorry, Graverobber, but she's ignoring you now because honestly she really doesn't care for your continuing to speak to her.

Apologies, she's losing herself in the crowds now.]
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[personal profile] zydrateanatomy 2012-08-12 11:22 pm (UTC)(link)
[He watches her go, but instead of a frown there is an unmistakable grin on his face; he always loved a challenge.]