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Welcome Festival | Day 02 | Metal Sector | OPEN

Characters: You! And you! Even you!
Location: Metal Sector
Situation: The second day of the Welcome Festival is underway and the excitement has switched to the Metal Sector!
Warnings/Rating: Fun and frolicking! To be updated if actual warnable material occurs.

OOC Details:
>The IC festivities begin at dawn and close two hours after sunset, at which point the kedan clean up the Sector while the next is being prepared.
>Each major area/activity has a header thread started that you can tag into in. People can then respond to you and the party can begin!
>A header thread for OTHER is available for any festival-related interactions not covered by the rest.
>No one is limited to starting just one thread! If you want to have your character partake of the food and the lanterns? Start a thread in each!

Day two of the festival dawns in the Metal Sector, where every street and surface seems to have been washed overnight. Brightly coloured banners and streamers hang from balconies and windows all over the sector, adding some life to the utilitarian theme.

Tours today are offered in automobiles that seat three, plus a driver with a shining silver headband. They are more scarce than the rickshaws from the Earth Festival, but have twice the comfort as they follow planned routes through this slightly smaller portion of Keeliai. Expect to hear a dozen eccentric stories about how various advancements and inventions were first discovered or successfully tested. All tours stop for refreshments in the largest plaza on the south side, where the statues on display slowly move through a half-dozen dances, each of them a marvel of biomechanical engineering put to a rare artistic purpose.

With two gangs active in the Metal Sector, the police presence is somewhat reduced from the Earth Sector's festival, but officers are still out in sufficient numbers to dissuade overt shows of aggression. Festivalgoers are still reminded to watch their purse and trinkets, as a "discarded" music player fetches a fine price on the alley markets. Con artists are the largest of treats in this area, often with the angle that they can improve that one toy you have if you but let them tinker with it a moment. Kedan and foreigners that have been scammed should report it to the nearest officer the moment they realise it, as vigilante intervention during a peaceful festival is generally frowned upon by Evandau -- who can be spotted now and again conferring with the various members of law enforcement scattered about the sector.

As with the Earth Sector festival, should two or more characters get into an large-scale altercation, be it with NPCs or one another, please advise Alex ([plurk.com profile] reignsdown or gmail or aim) for intervention/dispersal as a result of the police presence.

The stalls and merchants of the Metal Sector are nestled just within the outer walls the sector, where tall displays and open air allow for demonstrations of tiny flying trinkets and toys. Small biomechanical wonders are arrayed and discounts promised by Lieuen bring things such as simple music players within the price range of ten juulan or so.

Mindful of the restricted allowance of the newcomers, many of the more expensive goods produced here have not been laid out for perusal, but a truly charismatic shopper might be able to persuade a kedan or two to discuss or show their more advanced wares. Merchants here pay closer attention to the bottom line and extend credit only to proven businesskedan.

Clustered around the narrowest point of the sector are the food stalls and drink vendors, with alleyways crowded with a dozen different culinary eccentrics foisting their new method of processing meat or preserving fruits without drying them. Strange and adventurous describe the (occasionally) gourmet wonders on offer, but be brave when trying them! There's no telling when one might stumble upon an ancient rendition of MREs, with poor flavour, inconsistent heating, and unrecognisable substances.

Continuing with the innovative trend, the liquor on tap tends to be eccentric mixtures of ale and hard alcohol, spiced and sweetened according to whatever chemical compound caught interest and made it into the mixing experiment. Minors are still discouraged to request drinks, as one can never tell when an officer will wander by and catch the unlawful serving of an underaged party.

Food and drink are, for the most part, free. Customers found to be returning frequently or abusing the gifts will be charged minor amounts to recoup the unexpected additional costs that comes with feeding hardier metabolisms.

Located at the precise center of the Sector are eight hexagonal tables spread with the frames and multi-coloured papers necessary to make the more geometric lanterns to decorate the Metal Sector. This is one area where the foreigners are welcomed and encouraged to lend a hand in the production of hundreds of lanterns to light up the area at the conclusion of the Welcome Festival.

Innovation in the creation of lanterns will catch the interest of any kedan here, for they are thinkers and inventors in this sector. Eccentric ideas that launch one outside of the box are apt to be welcomed with awe, agreement, and even a bit of applause.

All activities available during the Metal Festival relate to technology, with the main feature being the racing of motorcycles that have been cleaned up and restored specifically to careen through S-shaped curves and blind corners on in a show of skill and speed. Each rider is equipped with a helmet, and leather safetywear.

Those who prefer four wheels over two can always partake in the street races that run south-to-north along the border to the Water Sector. Heats with four cars that have been restored on the inside and out will be taking place throughout the day and the quarter-mile is clearly marked as the finishing line.

Winners of each race get bragging rights, and the invitation to defend their title for up to three more races.

Lieuen has tasked two dozen kedan to wander the festival, dispensing prizes to all characters that participate in the activities outlined above or who simply make an appearance in the Metal Sector today! Identified by the same silver headbands of the guides, they can be seen giving out (at random) the following:

>Thumb-sized biomechanical music players with kedan folk music
>Wrist watches with etchings of the Metal Sector road network on the face
>Small bags filled with neodymium magnet toys (buckyballs, to modern day Earthlings)
>Juulan (4-6)

This is not a long or involved process to obtain, believe it or not! Characters that appear during the Metal Festival, be it in this post or another IC means (example: network posts), are eligible to receive one of the prizes listed above. No mod approval or intervention required!

(Stay tuned for each sector's festival, as it is rumoured the prizes will change for each sector. Characters that participate in one festival and received a prize can receive prizes in the other sector festivals as well!)
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[personal profile] zydrateanatomy 2012-08-08 05:18 am (UTC)(link)
[After the Earth festival, it seems on right to peruse the Metal sector when the party moved there. Being as how this one is closer to his given apartment helps just a touch, too.

So, he's meandering and this time he has a paper parasol with him, spinning it idly overhead as he blocks the sun. He doesn't seem the least bi concerned about carrying something more likely seen held by a woman than a man.

He's not meaning to see or bump into anyone, but it's hard to miss Favrielle where she's playing with her music player. He cants a brow and eyes the contraption.

Is that the consolation prize of the day?
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[personal profile] flawedgoods 2012-08-08 04:23 pm (UTC)(link)
[Favrielle looks up and immediately recognizes the strange man from earlier. The one, she recalls, that had issues with the sun.

She glances down at the music player once more as her lips form a thin, hard line.]

It appears so. [She looks up again.] You appear to have found a solution to your problem with the sun.

[If she finds anything odd about his carrying a parasol, she doesn't mention it. To each their own, and it suits their surroundings all things considered.]
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[personal profile] zydrateanatomy 2012-08-09 12:38 am (UTC)(link)
[Grave watches the woman play with her device, a small smirk playing across his lips. At her remark about his finding a solution, he inclines his head.]

Perhaps not the most ideal, but until it rains I believe it will do the job.

[He watches as she fiddles with her music player, gesturing for it with his free hand.]

May I?
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[Favrielle tilts her head at him, but she reluctantly hands the device over.]

You might find something you can treat to repel water.

[She sighs.]

As for the device, I had gotten it earlier, but it appears the switch is sticking now.
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[personal profile] zydrateanatomy 2012-08-10 01:45 am (UTC)(link)
[Grave glances upward at his parasol, lips pursed in silent thought before he finally nods.]
I should think something would be easy enough to find something, what with living on the ocean and all. I can’t imagine that we’ll have clear weather forever, as much as some might hope it.
[When she passes over her music player and tells him the problem, he lifts it and looks at it. He studies it for a moment before reaching into one of his coat pockets and pulling out a small switchblade.]
Stuck switches… some things never change, no matter the year… [He wiggles the blade around near the switch.] Or the place. [There is a soft *click* as the switch frees itself and music softly begins playing once more. Grave grins slightly before clicking his switchblade back in and returning it to its place in his coat.]
Here you are. [He offers the music player back to her.]
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[Favrielle watches him intently as he plays with her new prize, more than a little suspicious. There was something about the man that struck her as false, and she had no time for games or joviality of his particular flavor.

Still, she's grateful that she fixed her music player, though she gives it grudgingly.]

Thank you. I'll have to hope it's fixed enough to play for more than a few minutes.

[Her flat tone says much of how likely she thinks that will be.]
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[personal profile] zydrateanatomy 2012-08-10 06:34 pm (UTC)(link)
[Grave watches her as she takes the device back, smirking to himself. He hadn’t done anything to permanently damage the contraption and it if really gave her a lasting problem, he’d just give her his. :\ Women.]
Lady, your utter lack of faith is both offensive and hurtful. Would you like to at least try it before you comment upon my inability to fix it? [He arches a brow.]
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[personal profile] flawedgoods 2012-08-11 10:57 pm (UTC)(link)
[Favrielle's eyes widen, and then she laughs, though it's not a light or happy sound.]

My lack of faith is in the shoddy and temperamental workmanship of the device, not your ability to fix it. It's failed several times already.

[She still doesn't quite care for you, Graverobber, and that's not really an apology, but she at least explains herself which is more than she'd do for others.]
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[It wasn’t quite an apology, so much as a clarification, but he’d take it.]

Ahhh, well then my own apologies for misconstruing. [And charming smile is go yet again.] I don’t think I caught your name…? [And he’s already preparing to get shot down, because it’s pretty much par for the course with this one.]
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[personal profile] flawedgoods 2012-08-14 03:20 am (UTC)(link)
[The apology is almost enough to smooth ruffled feathers except that he asks her name and...]

Requests for introductions are more successful when you offer your own name first.

[Which is to say, she doesn't know who you are so she's not giving your name. Helping with her music box does not entitle him to familiarity.]
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[personal profile] zydrateanatomy 2012-08-14 03:35 am (UTC)(link)
[He makes ground with the woman just to lose it again... he was well and truly batting 1000. He holds open his hands in a gesture of supplication and smiles.]

My apologies again... I'm Graverobber... not the Graverobber. That sounds like some twentieth century wrestle... Just Graverobber.

[He gives a half bow and it looks like his doing his best to be genuine and not a huge smartass with the gesture.]
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[Have an incredulous look. Favrielle can't believe he'd willingly own up to that name. She looks vaguely offended as she responds.]

Graverobber? Favrielle nó Eglantine.

Was your name earned or given?

[Blunt question is blunt!]
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[Grave takes your incredulous stare with a smile, because in the end he got her name; and everyone spared a moment to stare at him over his name. Does he have another? Yes, as his reply indicates. Did he give it idly? No.]

Earned. Yours?

[He can turn those blunt questions right back on their heel sometimes.]
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[You know that look birds get when you ruffle their feathers? That's the look Favrielle has right now. Two words and he dredges up several years of baggage, centering around the calling she was denied and the scar on her face.

She'd earned the right to call herself part of Eglantine house still, but not in the way she had been meant to.]


[She says it shortly, and looks away, presumably for an escape route.]
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[It is clear that, however unintentional his manner of achieving it, that Grave has well and truly insulted the woman before him. However unintentional it was, however, he’d done it and now he got to pick up the mess.
Smooth out the feathers, as it were. He sighs and folds his arms, not making to approach or force her attention in any way. She clearly disliked him and he’d made it worse, and he certainly didn’t have a death wish.

Look, I didn’t ask to upset you. You were already dismissive, but I certainly don’t deliberately go out of my way to piss off women of some authority. I obviously touched on a sensitive topic when I was simply trying to show a degree of wit.
Again, obviously a rather abysmal failing on my part, but there was nothing intentional in the process. I’d have chosen something I thought far more triggering and deliberate than your name if I’d been trying to piss you off.
For what it’s worth, I can tell it’s important to you and you clearly, with your poise and gruff manners, worked hard to earn it. I’m not trying to take that away from or belittle you, and it’s a perfectly lovely name for an altogether gorgeous and do-not-fuck-with-me sort of woman.
[His hands are spread in a placating manner, but there’s little he can do to stop her from leaving if she really wanted to. He certainly won’t put himself in front of her when it looks like she wants nothing better than to pound the ever-loving shit out of him.]
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[Graverobber is lucky that Favrielle wouldn't know the first thing about pounding the ever-loving shit out of him. It's far more likely she'd enjoy strapping someone down and sewing their clothes on them, slowly but surely.

Unfortunately, his words do very little to soothe her temper.]

Your explanation [because that wasn't an apology] is acknowledged. In the future however, you might do better to speak plainly to a person you don't know than once more risk misunderstanding over an attempt to be seen as witty and thus stroke your own ego.

I thank you again for your assistance and the compliment, however I'll be taking my leave now.

[Because she is trying to enjoy herself at the festival and sparring verbally with someone who cares more about performing in front of others will only get in the way of said enjoyment.]

Good day.