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Characters: Rictor and YOU
Date: 10/26, afternoon to evening
Location: That bar that everyone goes to.
Situation: The precursor to every song about the day after drinking. Whatever.
Warnings/Rating: NEGL, there'll be language.

[There are ways to deal with being thrown into another universe. Most of them involve mutant powers and plasma guns, finding yourself suddenly up against legions and death at every corner.

Ric knows what to do with those, and he has belatedly decided that he likes them in comparison to this option.

This option being removed from one universe, not his own, where he has just found out that his boyfriend is, in a way, his own grandfather and being put in another universe, also not his own, sans adult boyfriend that he'd been talking to AND sans infant version of boyfriend that he had been holding. That was 24 hours ago. Since then, he's listened to crackpot explanations, wandered the streets like a bum, found a razor, gawked at the natives, and seen Charles Xavier walk.

That last one threw him for a loop. He hasn't had much sleep. When Julio Richter spotted the bar, it was like the sun saved its very brightest beam to illuminate the building just for him. Choirs of angels were singing. The works. He's just going to stay in here and have a drink. He knows what to expect in a bar.]

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[The first thing Kaine did when he found himself stranded on the turtle was sleep. The second thing he did was try to scope out the city. The third thing he did was beat the hell out of some Kedan he caught trying to break into a store.

The fourth thing he did was go to the bar for a drink.

This whole situation he found himself in now was bullshit. The microverse proved he was no use to anyone when it came to actual fucking disasters--regardless of what Donald might try to tell him otherwise--and he had more important things to do back in Houston.

Aracely needed him.

Kaine took the shot in front of him and motioned for another.
] Leave the bottle.

[He really didn't care if he wasted his entire stipend given by the Kedan on booze. It was worth it.]

Can't believe I'm stranded on some fucking turtle...
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[Kaine had picked up the shot glass to take his second shot when the other man snapped at him.]

I've been here all of 48 hours. I haven't exactly gotten over it yet. Fuck off.

[And with that, he took another shot. He should be pacing himself, what with his piss poor alcohol tolerance (thanks, Pete!), but he wasn't exactly thinking about that at that moment.

He filled the shotglass again.
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You're supposed to get drunk before you start whining. [Damn, and he thought he was pathetic.

Kaine motions to the barkeep and hands him some juulan.
] His next drink's on me. [He turns his head to Ric.] You clearly need it more than me.

[Pity? Only a little bit. In the past he'd have no problems grabbing the nearest stool and smacking Ric in the face with it, but right now all he could think of was how badly Annabelle would kill him if she ever learned he ruined a fellow bartender's chance at getting good tips (well, any tips) by destroying the bar he worked in. So he'd try something new and do this the nice way first, and if this guy continued to be an asshole, well...

Old habits die hard.
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[And fucking Parker luck strikes again. Why does he bother trying to do the right thing? Doing the right thing never works. Kaine clenches the fist farthest from Rictor as he attempts to calm himself down.

The monster in his head yelling "prey" at the top of its lungs wasn't helping matters.

Are we going to have a problem here? I just want to have a drink in peace. Take the bottle. Have a nice life.

[Translation: He's reached the end of his patience, and he would, in theory, like to prevent this bar's furniture from becoming splinters.]
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[Well it appears the bar is going to remain standing, for now. He snorts at Ric's comment about him being dangerous and takes a small sip of his drink. He likes shots because it gives him the illusion of knowing how much he's drinking, in an attempt to avoid getting shitfaced over something dumb like three beers, but this guy is trying to play nice, and he accepts the gesture of good will.]

The same could be said about me. [He takes another sip as if to say "and that's all I'm going to say."]
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[Oh my god, will this guy ever shut up? He's been nothing but patient with this asshole, and in return he's been nothing but antagonized.]

Never went to high school. [Being "born" in your mid-twenties enables you to miss that fun part of life.] But I bet you were the asshole who was constantly picking fights... but only with the other kids you were sure you could beat.
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[No one has ever called Kaine a smart man, even if he was cloned from a genius. Also, he would be lying if he said he didn't want to throw this guy right out the window right now.

Because to you, fighting is little more than a past-time to ease your boredom. Because you don't know what it's like to fight for every second of every day just to survive. is what the old him would have said, but he hasn't felt the need to say shit that angsty since Ben was alive. Instead, he simply says:

You know what? You're right. [Kaine then gives him what might be a hint of a smirk, takes another sip of his drink and looks away to the other end of the bar.]
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[His biggest mistake was assuming the guy didn't have powers. He was assuming he'd feel the punch or hear the stool slide back before the inevitable rise to his feet. Instead, he found himself falling to the ground with no warning, and it wasn't due to faulty equipment.

And as Kaine was a vindictive man, he wasn't about to go down alone. He reaches out his arm and manages to just brush his fingertips against Ric's stool as he falls... which is more than enough for him to stick to, and he wrenches the seat out from under the other man just before he hits the floor.

Bring it on, asshole.
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He saw it coming and it still hurt like a motherfucker. The monster in his head was his own private cheerleader now, screaming its usual chant of "prey" and pushing him to use more lethal methods of retaliation.

No, this guy wasn't worth it.

I did.

[Kaine flipped to his feet, turned to the bartender, and tossed him the rest of the stipend he had on him. Hopefully there was enough there for the damages and a good tip, he hadn't bothered to count it.

He finally turned back to Rictor.

Then my stool broke.

[With that, he lunged and tackled the guy right out the front window. It wasn't until they were halfway through it did Kaine notice the X-medallion the other man wore, as it had caught the light of the outside lantern.

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[His ears are still ringing from being hit over the head with the liquor bottle when the other guy tells him to get off. X-Man + cracks in the ground = Kaine moves fast, leaping on to the side of a nearby building. Normally he would try to avoid using his more obvious spider-powers out of costume, but this is a fucking X-Man and he isn't about to let himself get his ass kicked because he held back.

Pain suddenly shoots through Kaine's skull and he realizes, for the first time, that he was hit so hard he's actually bleeding. Greaaaat. His first instinct is to rip the wall he's propped up against down on top of the guy as payback, but he realizes that wouldn't have been fair to whoever the hell lived there. So instead he flicks his wrist and shoots a strand of his organic webbing at him instead.

There's no way he's going to try this up close, not anymore.
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[Jesus this is just not his night. His Parker luck's practically going into overdrive at this point. I mean, just how the fuck did he miss?

And then his head throbs again and he remembers.

I'm not Spider-Man. [And his tone combined with that growl indicates he's touchy about the insinuation.

In hindsight, using Spider-Man's signature move out of costume was a dumb idea. Just add it to the growing list of them that he's had since running into this guy.
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[Funny you should mention those three...] None of the above.

I'm... [He refuses to call himself "Scarlet Spider" out loud, even after a year.] the one from Houston.

[And for the record, there's only two (surviving) wall-crawlers. The surviving Camp Hammond kid was someone else's clone.

Well, not counting all those random Spider-Women. There were like 6 of them at one point.
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Houston. Who knew, right?

[Kaine... had no idea where Armarillo was, to be totally honest. Hell, until recently he didn't know where Galveston was, and that was only an hour away. Still, he could at least recognize that was some kind of joke, so he snorted in amusement as he dropped from the building back onto the ground below.]

I think you need a doctor, not a bartender. I felt your ribs crack when I landed on them. [And for once, he didn't do that on purpose. Shocker.]

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