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Characters: Kaine and YOU
Date: 10/26
Location: Fire sector
Situation: Kaine has been brought to the turtle and isn't too happy about it. He's chosen to take his frustrations out on the Kedan gangs.
Warnings/Rating: Kaine is very angry and has a filthy mouth. Will update as needed.

[So far the only thing Kaine liked about this place was that it was cooler than Houston. His suite wasn't bad, it was spacious and well-furnished and sort of reminded him of his suite back home... which was also the biggest thing he had against it. It wasn't home.

It didn't take him long to discover that the criminals of this... turtle weren't much different than the criminals back home, and while he loathed to call what he did crimefighting, it was accurate enough. Then again, with the trail of injured Kedan criminals he was leaving in his wake, it was probably more accurate to call it stress relief.

Dressed in a crimson (...okay, Scarlet) and black Spider-Man-esque costume, Kaine was currently gripping a screaming Kedan he caught attempting to mug a young Kedan couple by the chest.

The Kedan was begging for mercy.

Kaine was promising the thief he would find none with him.
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[T'Challa had been doing a lot of patrolling lately as the Panther and when he spots Spider-Man-- or rather a man who is dressed like Spider-Man-- harassing some criminals... well he decides it's time for him to step in. He can understand bringing these men to justice, but the man was obviously losing his cool rather quickly.

He approaches in his full Panther gear, cautiously, but he does make his presence known.]

That is enough! He has already surrendered.
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[Well at least this guy is not beyond reasoning. He wonders what kind of Spider-Man is this? He definitely is not like the one back home. The Costume is different and he appears to be much older.]

I was not aware that "Spider-Man" had resorted to such methods. Is beating all villains to unconsciousness your new policy? [Though he's obviously throwing around the name "Spider-Man" loosely here.]