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Characters: Kaine and YOU
Date: 10/26
Location: Fire sector
Situation: Kaine has been brought to the turtle and isn't too happy about it. He's chosen to take his frustrations out on the Kedan gangs.
Warnings/Rating: Kaine is very angry and has a filthy mouth. Will update as needed.

[So far the only thing Kaine liked about this place was that it was cooler than Houston. His suite wasn't bad, it was spacious and well-furnished and sort of reminded him of his suite back home... which was also the biggest thing he had against it. It wasn't home.

It didn't take him long to discover that the criminals of this... turtle weren't much different than the criminals back home, and while he loathed to call what he did crimefighting, it was accurate enough. Then again, with the trail of injured Kedan criminals he was leaving in his wake, it was probably more accurate to call it stress relief.

Dressed in a crimson (...okay, Scarlet) and black Spider-Man-esque costume, Kaine was currently gripping a screaming Kedan he caught attempting to mug a young Kedan couple by the chest.

The Kedan was begging for mercy.

Kaine was promising the thief he would find none with him.
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[Peter had finally started making his way toward that clinic Mark had mentioned when he spoke to him, opting to walk rather than go rooftop to rooftop. And of course, he'd managed to cross paths with a scene like this.

And that was Spidey's cue to come in. Beaten up costume and all, Peter had pulled the mask back on over his face as he got moving, climbing as quickly (and carefully) as he could until he was just about right above the two figures. And before any more damage could be done to the guy who was begging for mercy--]

Y'know, I'm hardly in the mood or shape for this kind of shenanigans, so- Please. [Spider-Man fired a line of webbing to pull the Kedan up and out of harm's way... Only to web him securely to the wall.] Put an end to bullying before I have to get my hands messy?
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Now now, I'm sure the man dese-- [He cut himself off, shocked. Did he just say "Parker"??

He froze on his perch, suddenly much more confused than he was earlier -- And he'd been seriously confused. So he did the one thing that he was really good at doing when life decided to throw another monkey wrench into the works.]

Uhh. Wrong number? [Then he looked right at the Kedan he'd attached to the wall.] I think Big Red here's talking to you. Again. Not so pleasant, I can tell, but believe me, you're lucking out.
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[Of all the things Spidey had expected from this other Red Spider Dude, it was NOT for him to reach over and punch the Kedan out. In fact, he was so surprised that he flailed his arms out and jumped back; the yelp that would've accompanied it was cut off by a sharp wince as he pulled the wound in his side.]

DUDE! Okay, mugger aside and all, he was totally incapacitated and not even doing anything! You owe him some serious apologies--

[And then he froze. Behind his own mask, his eyes were wide in shock and his jaw hung slightly open. Today was quickly filling up with surprises, and Spidey had to wonder how many more he'd be able to handle. This guy was... He looked like him. Older, gruffer, but... He had to be. He'd seen his older clone before, and this guy wasn't far off.]

Oh, my God.
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"What happened to me"? What happened to you?!?! You're- You're- [He couldn't really do much more to express himself than to gesture wildly at -- the Older Him and his height and his costume and his-- gruffness.] - a whole older me thing in a red costume thingy!

[That aside, he paid no mind to being shouted at. Though he did allow himself to plant himself solidly on the ground and pace.] Are you- You've gotta be one of the clones, right? Oh, my God, I so don't have the brain power to absorb all this right now.
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[He did actually stop once his shoulders were grabbed and he was all but forced to look this "Kaine" guy full in the face. But his mind was working over time, trying to process what he was seeing, trying to reconcile it with his own knowledge and what made sense. Kaine didn't look like any of the clones he remembered. And on top of that, all of them but Jessica were killed back then.]

Absolutely zero part of this scenario makes sense. I want you to know that.
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Yeah, well, see, I saw all my clones die. Except Jessica. And they totally didn't look like you, so I don't- I have no explanation for you being you! Ow-!

[Peter hissed at the sting of the webbing on his wound. It was familiar, since he'd done it himself the first time. The memory was still fresh; as far as he was concerned, it had only happened yesterday. And yet he'd forgotten just how badly it hurt in the midst of what felt like a nervous breakdown. Clones had the tendency to do that to him, it seemed. He'd forgotten that, too.

He looked down at his web-covered injury, gingerly poking at it as he replied.]
I'm pretty sure swinging into a bus would've been about twenty times more fun than what actually happened. [And then he looked back up again, the suspicious look he was giving him concealed behind his mask.] And seriously, some explanation about - (ow) - how you're supposed to be a clone of me would be greatly appreciated. (Ow again.) Preferably before I pass out right here.
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[He was fighting the urge to pace again. His mind was trying to race and put together all the pieces, but it was like all the pieces he had came from a different puzzle. Though when Kaine mentioned possibly "not coming from the same place", Peter's head snapped up again to look at him.]

Okay. Okay, this is making my head spin a little, but I so don't know of a clone named Ben, or- or Spidercide. What do you mean "not from the same place"? Like... Like alternate realities or something?
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[For a second there, Peter was stunned by the sudden outburst. And then that slowly, quietly, boils up under his skin until it snaps. He was usually so good at being patient, at reigning himself back in. But man, there was just something about being in the suit.]

If you're a clone of me, aren't you supposed to be a genius, too?! And you're like, way older than I am, so I would've thought all those years of experience would've helped you figure something out! I'm just recovering from dying on my front lawn, so the best answer I had until an hour ago was that this is some kind of messed up afterlife, and now I'm hearing that I've got three more clones running around in some parallel universe somewhere that apparently actually exists-- You think you could give me like, two minutes to get my head on straight and make sure I don't die again before I start vomiting helpful solutions that'll make you feel better??
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[Peter froze as well. Guy's died four times. What do you even say to something like that?

He was actually partially relieved when he saw Kaine vanish, if only because it meant he didn't have to worry about saying something about his four death streak - other than "Wow, that sucks, I'm really sorry to hear that." Part of him had to wonder how someone could die four times; Dying the once was awful enough. Though without Kaine around, it felt a little like he suddenly had a second to breathe, what with the frustration going out of him in a rush, and the pain of his wound decided to re-announce itself to Peter's brain.

He'd just decided to lean back against the nearest wall and pull off his mask when Kaine reappeared. And Peter could only look at him, suddenly too drained from his outburst to even have a more appropriate reaction to the fact that this guy had invisibility powers.]

... I'm sorry you're dead.[That's all hecould say when it came down to it. How lame. The stupidity of it made him smile a little, drawing in a deep breath.] You've got way cooler powers than me, by the way.
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Being dead sucks. [The words were out before he could stop them. And he could really only wince at the way it sounded. So utterly, completely lame.]

A doctor would be good. I was looking for a clinic until I found you beating on that dude. [He drew in a breath before pushing off of the wall, putting a hand over his wound.] And-- food, maybe.

[He offered Kaine a weak sort of smile at that, before his eyes fell on the suit he was wearing again.] ...Wait-- The invisibility... That's the suit and not you? Wow. Must be cool to grow up to be Older-Me-That-You-Know.
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[He grimaced sympathetically.] Yikes. The Parker Luck is strong in you.

[It seemed like it should've been weird to be accepting help from a clone from another reality, but Peter was just getting way too tired to keep trying to apply logic to everything. The past ten minutes alone was enough to tell him that it just wasn't going to work. So he allowed himself to lean against Kaine a little, just enough that he was no longer straining himself to keep walking.] Uh. I think they said they were in the Earth Sector? Which... means almost nothing to me right now. And barbecue sounds pretty awesome right now...

"Horizon Labs"...? Never heard of that one... But Older-Me must have it pretty good. Better than doing part-time graphic design for the Daily Bugle site.
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[He smiled a little at that comment before he pulled his mask back on. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he felt like he should leave a note with the knocked out Kedan on the wall. One of those "Courtesy of your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man" notes. But he wasn't even sure someone would come around to pick the guy up.

Still, Peter definitely needed someone to at least put proper bandages on his injuries. Besides the bullet wound, it was harder to pinpoint how bad the rest of him was. Bruised and battered for sure, but if there were any bone fractures or anything, he couldn't say.] Nn..
How do guys like me- us - ever end up like this?

Heh... I actually totally suck at photography, so good for him.
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[Peter had been given some directions, though he had to assume they were supposed to be taken coming from the Metal sector... in which case they were of little to no help at all in this situation. Still, he tried to keep an eye out for the landmarks he'd been told about.]

Osborn. Electro and Kraven and that one big sand dude... and Vulture, or whatever he called himself. They were there, but mostly Osborn.

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