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I'm just a girl, all pretty and petite

Characters: May Parker, AKA Spider-girl, and you!
Date: All of November!
Location: All of Keeliai!
Situation: May's decided to get used to the city the best way she knows how- by going shopping in her civvies during the day, and, after enough time's passed by that it won't be entirely obvious that Spider-girl and May Parker are one and the same, exploring the city from the rooftops
Warnings/Rating: None yet, but if they happen I'll add them in!
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Kaine had gone out to get the next round of Peter's medicine. The kid was probably well enough that he could have gotten it himself, but truth be told he was going to murder him if he stayed in the suite for one more minute, and decided that this was a much better option for their mutual continued health.

He chose to wear the Scarlet Spider costume because Bianca had first seen him in it and he knew Peter would have a coronary if he decided to subsequently show up out of it...and frankly, web-swinging was much quicker. He now finally understood why Pete and Ben did it all the time.

He actually had Ben on his mind when he looked up to see him waving at him. God, was he losing his mind again? It takes him a moment to realize that whoever was in front of him was a. real and b. definitely not male.

But whoever she was, she was definitely wearing Ben's costume.

How was that--Wait, didn't Peter mention something about female clones? If that was the case, could that be...

"May?" Kaine took a shot in the dark. Ben had named himself after Uncle Ben, so he could only guess that female Ben would name herself after Aunt May.
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Holy crap he was right? Then this... really was some sort of alternate reality female Ben? She might want her privacy, but Kaine was an impatient man and he wanted answers. He figured if he joined her, they'd have the privacy needed to have the conversation he wanted--no needed--to have.

He took off towards the roof in question, and propped himself up against a chimney once he landed. ...When did posing like this start feeling natural?

"It was a guess." He admitted once settled. "Since the person I knew in that costume went by Ben."

He glanced around the rooftop, and even brought his hands to his temples when he "asked" the nearby not!spiders if there was anyone around. "We're totally alone so you can drop the act."
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"You knew Ben Reilly?"

Because really, he was really thinking you were Ben Reilly, albeit in female form.

...Oh god, this wasn't a female him, was it? He shivered at the thought. That would be officially too weird for him to handle.

Wait. Didn't Peter name his female clone? ...Jessica? Maybe that was--no, that Parker didn't know Ben, so Jessica wouldn't either.

Just who the hell was this girl?
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How can he not? Clearly the only logical explanation is that you are a female clone of Peter of some sort!

...Except then you have to go and tell him something like that. Great, now the fucking future's involved.

"Wait, what?!"

Wait. Wait. He just had another thought, one that terrified him more than a female him.

"Are you his kid?"
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Was she trying to say...? No, that was even more ridiculous than his last few theories.

New idea! Kaine ripped off his mask and glared at her. "Just say it, or we're going to spend the next hour playing 20 questions while we pussyfoot around it."
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Luckily, he wasn't so dense that he thought that was an actual answer to his question. Besides, he had already ruled female him out. However, judging by her reaction, she clearly knew who he was... but he wasn't who she expected him to be.

Just who was he where she was from? A criminal, most likely. Why wouldn't he be? After all, he still wasn't sure he wasn't one in his own timeline. He may be trying a different path, but he never got the redemption Ben promised in prison, and he sure as hell hadn't gotten it on the outside.

"Now that we've solved one mystery... just who are you, May?"
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Hoo boy, he was right. Eighth time's the charm. But just how did Peter Parker of all people settle down long enough to have a... teenage girl?

...A teenage girl roughly the same age as the tiny Peter Parker currently crashing at his suite. Yeah, this wasn't awkward in the slightest.

"Parker had a kid?" He couldn't think of anything remotely more intelligent to say on the matter.
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That's actually not helping him make any remote sense of this. Because now Parker has two kids.

"But... Parker?!" ...Still the best he could come up with.
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Kaine's never been much for "good first impressions" pretty much ever, so this isn't anything new.

He can't help but be surprised that this comes back to him, not because she was surprised to see him, but more because of what about him she seemed to be surprised about. How could someone who knew him, who knew Ben, not know where--

--Because Parker never told her. Fuck.

"It's amazing what a good dermatologist and a haircut can do." It's a bit drier, a bit more sarcastic than the rest of his family, but god help him he's slowly developing the Parker sense of humor.

Deflecting? Maybe. But it bought him a few more seconds to try to figure out exactly how he was going to explain this. On the one hand, Peter--her dad (seriously, how?)--obviously didn't want her to know. On the other hand, Peter--the half-dead kid crashed in his suite--knew exactly who he was. And he'd be an idiot not to think they'd talk... and more importantly, compare notes.

Why was it all of his problems always circled back to Peter Parker?
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"Do you honestly expect me to know how a me from a hypothetical future I know nothing about thinks?" This was just one of the reasons why he hated superheroes, they didn't think anything was weird about questions like this. How could he possibly know how this other him (--her him?--) thought?

If he still had his scars, his theory about this other him still being a criminal was probably correct. But if that was the case... why wasn't this girl afraid of him? She wore Ben's costume, did she take his place as his "you can be redeemed!" cheerleader?
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Great, so even other him was vague on the details. Clearly this girl was not supposed to know.

Well, if she figures it out on her own, everyone can go home happy. He unsticks himself from the wall and positions himself near the light of a nearby lantern. "You mean to tell me I don't look familiar at all?"

Come on now, he knows he's not exact, but he's pretty damn close to looking like your dad on steroids.
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At first he thinks she isn't going to get it. The way she looks at him like he was a crazy person when he says to look at him is pretty much a dead giveaway. It's a bit surprising, given how much he thinks he resembles Peter.. but who knows what her father looks like. He could be completely different for all he knows. With a silent groan, he concedes that he might have to be upfront about this.

Then her expression changes, and he knew they were getting somewhere. He just nods in response to her question. Good, he wouldn't have to say it after all.

"I take it we're not close."

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