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I'm not close I'm not safe

Characters: Kaine and OPEN
Date: December 23rd
Location: Brazen Turtle; Various
Situation: Kaine has an empty nest. Clearly this means there is something wrong with him as a person.
Warnings/Rating: PG-13 to be safe (Kaine has a filthy mouth)

Option A (Kaine):
[Kaine sat at the bar of Brazen Turtle, staring at his beer. He didn't know why he was as bothered by Peter leaving as he was. After all, how many times had he threatened to kick Peter out? He didn't even particularly like the smaller version of Peter Parker. All his presence did was remind him that there were more idealistic idiots out there than even the Peter he was familiar with. The kid was nothing but a nuisance, constantly butting into his business and forcing him to do things he didn't want to do. How could this kid, this boy who didn't know the first thing about him (by design), mean anything to him?

He had spent his entire life alone; he had always preferred that to the company of anyone. There was no one in the world--in the universe, he supposed--that was like him. They all had souls and families and relationships. He was a human shell hiding a monster within a monster. Miles Warren, his father, had put him on his destructive path by creating him, but Kaine was fully aware that he was the instrument of his own destruction. His own actions through the years had insured that he could never join society the way that Ben had tried, no matter what he did in an attempt to atone. Kaine knew this... he embraced it. So why was it bothering him now, all thanks to a kid he didn't particularly like?

Aracely. Peter reminded him of Aracely. That was the only thing he could think of. And he didn't particularly like her either. She was just someone who needed help, and he was the unlucky sap who got saddled with her. If he had left her, she would have just gotten killed... in any of those times he had gone back to save her. She was just a child. She deserved a second chance. Peter deserved a second chance.

Kaine downed the rest of his drink, knowing full well that it will probably come to bite him in his low tolerant ass later.

Option B (Scarlet Spider):
[Kaine needed something to punch. It didn't matter what or who, so long as it had a face that he could connect with his fist. He had no recollection of putting the costume on, or leaving his suite for that matter, only swinging through the air throughout Keeliai, looking for someone relatively out of place. He was a man on a mission, one who wouldn't be satisfied until he was able to take his frustration out on someone who looked like they might deserve it, preferably someone of the criminal persuasion.]
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[Things have been weird for her since Thanksgiving. Or maybe before that. There was a lack of fighting and a lack of someone she even wanted to fight. Not seriously,anyway. She picked at Clark whenever they talked, argued with random people on the network for kicks, and overall life was peaceful. She almost wished she wasn't nearly invulnerable so she could shoot herself in the head and put her out of her own misery.

Life was too simple, too easy, and even the damn Emperor getting axed wasn't enough to shake things up for her. She wanted some kind of excitement back in her life. She spent too long training, fighting and killing to handle this...nothing so calmly, but there wasn't anything else to do for it if no one around was making themselves interesting enough for her to care.

So she did tonight whatever she does when the boredom gets to be too much. She goes out, punches a few gang members she catches causing trouble around and then heads to a bar. It may take her hours to even get tipsy, but it's always a good goal to see how fast she can do it. She slides into a chair at the bar easily, paying no attention that someone is in the seat next to her.]

You know my regular. [It's one she frequents more often.] Make up one with ice and then keep them coming.
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[Tea tosses a drink back pretty quickly and sets the glass down on the counter--although not hard enough to break it, she's done that before--and turns her head so she can look at the guy next to her through the fall of her hair. God damn it, it was getting too long. She needed to cut it again before she started to look to much like...her.]

Hm. You could say that. [She motions for another drink.] Boredom is its own kind of ultimate suckage. You would think with it being a "war" and all, there would be more to do.
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You ever hear of the Cold War? Whole point was showing off who had the biggest guns without firing a shot. [Tea doesn't have to worry about getting inebriated that quickly--it's quite hard and she had used it to her advantaged more than once--so she'll keep enjoying those drinks while she has the extra coin to do it.]

And that is the more boring kind of war there is. If they want us here to save the day, they should give us something to punch. I'm not into playing on-call-civilian for the sake of a turtle I don't even like.
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What the hell do you think any war is? Someone having a pissing contest with someone else and whoever has the biggest damn guns wins. Don't even have to rack up the biggest body count.

[She snorts into her drink.] And I said I was bored, not stupid. Why do it myself when there's obvious some asshole out there willing to do it for me?
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[She takes a drink and laughs a bit, looking at him with a raised eyebrow.] You haven't been around long have you? There's some guy going around who does it for kicks. Too bad it doesn't seem like we get much out of it. Maybe he's too much of a chicken and likes to just say he's doing it.
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[Someone who understands.] Like I said, dumb as a sack of bricks. But it works in my favor if it gets people riled up enough for something to start.

With all the damn heroes strutting around and throwing their weight, you'd think this would be solved already. Instead they make it harder to get things done. [She tries not to sound so bitter, really.]
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[Tea watches him for a moment, because this is the first time someone has completely agreed with her and it's...weird. She's not even sure if it's a good weird.]

That's because they're so full of themselves they keep thinking no one will do anything while they're around. [She rolls her eyes.] Almost as annoying as their double standards on what laws they can break but no one else can. Arrogant hypocrites, the lot of them.
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They say they're about second chances, but really they just want to be able to claim the moral high ground by acting all benevolent. If they did what they really wanted to do, they wouldn't come out looking so nice in front of the cameras.

[She finishes off her drink and pushes the glass toward the bartender.] Couldn't they get anything stronger around here?
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Lightweight. That's cute. [She chuckles a bit because it's amusing to hear someone admit that out loud. She orders two more drinks. Maybe drinking more will make a difference.]

I pity the heroes who actually buy into all of the justice for all and peace on earth crap. They're setting themselves up for failure and a lot more dead bodies on their hands. What good do they even think they're doing?
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And what the hell is "the right thing"? [A question she's asked herself maybe more than she'll ever admit.] Who gets to decide that and layout the mandate on the rest of us? Because they sure do think they're right and no other way could possibly get things done better.

Heh, they arrested Lex Luthor more times than there are holidays and that sure worked out great for them.
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Oh yeah right. Alternate universes. [She cares so little that she forgets about that most of the time.] Rich genius guy who hates Superman and has wrecked Metropolis a couple of times. He gets off every time. Think he's into politics now.

[And helping fund secret government organizations.] He's not even the worst of it. There's this Guy in Gotham called the Joker. So fucking crazy they don't even bother giving him a trial anymore, probably. They just throw him back in this asylum every time. And when he gets out and blows things up or kills a bunch of people? Batman catches him and throws him back in again. Been going on for years.
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[But is that the right way? She can hear Waller going on about the good of the people and protocol, but those hypocrites trained her to kill enemies of the state behind the public's back. For them it was about doing it there way and that was the right way. Sometimes they were just as bad as the Justice League.

Except she gets fun toys from Cadmus.]

Truth is, I think they need those monsters. What's a hero without someone to save the world from? If they don't have someone to fight, we don't need their masked faces running around telling us what's best for us.
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What? [She's not sure what he's asking and raises an eyebrow.] In my opinion, we should wipe the lot of them out. Then get rid of the shitty heroes, too. They act like their a cure to the disease but really they're one of the symptoms and don't realize they're killing the patient.

[She takes another drink and then licks her lips to catch a stray drop.]

Back home, my job was amputating the dead limbs and cauterizing the wounds.

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