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I'm not close I'm not safe

Characters: Kaine and OPEN
Date: December 23rd
Location: Brazen Turtle; Various
Situation: Kaine has an empty nest. Clearly this means there is something wrong with him as a person.
Warnings/Rating: PG-13 to be safe (Kaine has a filthy mouth)

Option A (Kaine):
[Kaine sat at the bar of Brazen Turtle, staring at his beer. He didn't know why he was as bothered by Peter leaving as he was. After all, how many times had he threatened to kick Peter out? He didn't even particularly like the smaller version of Peter Parker. All his presence did was remind him that there were more idealistic idiots out there than even the Peter he was familiar with. The kid was nothing but a nuisance, constantly butting into his business and forcing him to do things he didn't want to do. How could this kid, this boy who didn't know the first thing about him (by design), mean anything to him?

He had spent his entire life alone; he had always preferred that to the company of anyone. There was no one in the world--in the universe, he supposed--that was like him. They all had souls and families and relationships. He was a human shell hiding a monster within a monster. Miles Warren, his father, had put him on his destructive path by creating him, but Kaine was fully aware that he was the instrument of his own destruction. His own actions through the years had insured that he could never join society the way that Ben had tried, no matter what he did in an attempt to atone. Kaine knew this... he embraced it. So why was it bothering him now, all thanks to a kid he didn't particularly like?

Aracely. Peter reminded him of Aracely. That was the only thing he could think of. And he didn't particularly like her either. She was just someone who needed help, and he was the unlucky sap who got saddled with her. If he had left her, she would have just gotten killed... in any of those times he had gone back to save her. She was just a child. She deserved a second chance. Peter deserved a second chance.

Kaine downed the rest of his drink, knowing full well that it will probably come to bite him in his low tolerant ass later.

Option B (Scarlet Spider):
[Kaine needed something to punch. It didn't matter what or who, so long as it had a face that he could connect with his fist. He had no recollection of putting the costume on, or leaving his suite for that matter, only swinging through the air throughout Keeliai, looking for someone relatively out of place. He was a man on a mission, one who wouldn't be satisfied until he was able to take his frustration out on someone who looked like they might deserve it, preferably someone of the criminal persuasion.]
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[Terry is quietly shadowing a man. A Kedan in the Metal Sector was on his way to rendezvous with some crooks in Fire Sector, harboring intel. But the location of his partners wasn't known yet, meaning Terry had to follow using stealth first. He wasn't one for patience, but he could live with stalking until the right opportunity. Bidding his time, making up plans, getting to where he needed.

The Kedan isn't very smart though - he practically screamed "I'm suspicious" through his quick pace, the way he almost tore through some denser crowds to get where he needs to go, and the get up he wore. Nerves getting the best of the sap maybe? It didn't matter to Terry. The time to fight would come later.
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[--What the--]

Slag it.

[He whispers under his breath quietly, but harshly, barely able to hold back a wince at the sound of the fist being rammed into the Kedan's face. It all happened so quickly too. Well, those dealers sure won't be seeing that guy tonight. Terry turns the switch for the stealth mode off and drops down from his vantage point, just a few feet away from Kaine. Once he's on ground it becomes easier to recognize who the "Samaritan" is.]

What do you think you're doing - why did you attack that guy?

[Terry turns his visual screen to the injured Kedan, letting the suit get a reading. He's fine, but that punch did a good number on the guy.]
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[Whether or not Kaine knew about this Kedan and what he was doing, those words do not improve Terry's mood.]

When you go attacking people, most would assume there is a reason for it. Explain yourself.
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That's not going to fly. You smashed this guy [he gives a small wave to the Kedan] into the wall. I wouldn't call him innocent, but it was overboard.
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You should.

[He strides over to the fallen Kedan and crouches down cautiously, unsure if he's going to get punched next, to check him more up close.]

Hm. Nothing serious. A little bleeding, but no major damage. I'll need to wait until he wakes up. [His head tilts up back to Kaine.] He was on his way to meet with a group of informants at their hidden base. I was tracking him.
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Wait -- [But Kaine is already gone by the time the word gets out.] -- dammit.

[Ugh. Well, okay, fine. He carefully turns the Kedan onto his side and waits, the back of his mind screaming at him to just take this guy to a clinic or somewhere that can help him. A minor criminal like him doesn't deserve such brutal treatment.]
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Thanks, real nice, but can you not be one twist away from breaking his arm?
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[Hey he's the good cop Batman okay. He dangles people from buildings, not break their bones. Terry sighs and crouches down to the ground again.]

You were on your way to Fire Sector to meet with some shady folk. I want their location. Now, you can either tell me and make life easy, or you can keep quiet and deal with him [a point to Kaine] again. And I can't say I'll be so inclined to stop him the next time.
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Smart man.

[And Terry gives a quick jab to the Kedan's side, knocking him out once again without haste, before standing up.]

I suppose you're going to want to tag along even if I say no?

[He knows how this goes.]
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[Yeah, he figured. What did the old man say once? "When someone is so determined, then there's nothing you can do to stop them." Boy does he hate that.]

Fine. But I don't want to see a repeat of what happened here. We take them out and leave them to proper authorities. No breaking bones and no smashing heads, or you and I will have problems. And I don't like having pointless problems as much as the next guy. We clear?
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An exasperated sigh slips out his mouth and he engages flight mode, wings coming out his arms and boots thrusting him into the sky after Kaine. It only takes a short couple minutes before they make it to the location - a small warehouse in the outskirts of the Fire Sector - where Terry lands on a nearby roof to examine the area.
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[The fact that Kaine is even asking is a very small reassurance for Terry. Not enough to put down his guard, but it's progress nonetheless.]

Wait here a moment. I'm going to take a count.

[He extends his wings out again and flies to the side of the building, landing on the side of a wall near a window. A soft click of the boots magnetize him in place, as he extends his hand and plants his index finger on the glass.

It only takes ten seconds before he disengages the magnets and grapples back to Kaine.

I heard five voices, but there may be more. They've taken notice of their informant's lateness and seem nervous. We need to take them out fast, before they get cold feet and try to get away.
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It does. But I can't use it for long.

[Not because it's impossible, but because it drains on the suit's power supply. A supply that self-replenishes after a period of time, but a supply that is limited.]

I'm assuming you got an idea?

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