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I'm not close I'm not safe

Characters: Kaine and OPEN
Date: December 23rd
Location: Brazen Turtle; Various
Situation: Kaine has an empty nest. Clearly this means there is something wrong with him as a person.
Warnings/Rating: PG-13 to be safe (Kaine has a filthy mouth)

Option A (Kaine):
[Kaine sat at the bar of Brazen Turtle, staring at his beer. He didn't know why he was as bothered by Peter leaving as he was. After all, how many times had he threatened to kick Peter out? He didn't even particularly like the smaller version of Peter Parker. All his presence did was remind him that there were more idealistic idiots out there than even the Peter he was familiar with. The kid was nothing but a nuisance, constantly butting into his business and forcing him to do things he didn't want to do. How could this kid, this boy who didn't know the first thing about him (by design), mean anything to him?

He had spent his entire life alone; he had always preferred that to the company of anyone. There was no one in the world--in the universe, he supposed--that was like him. They all had souls and families and relationships. He was a human shell hiding a monster within a monster. Miles Warren, his father, had put him on his destructive path by creating him, but Kaine was fully aware that he was the instrument of his own destruction. His own actions through the years had insured that he could never join society the way that Ben had tried, no matter what he did in an attempt to atone. Kaine knew this... he embraced it. So why was it bothering him now, all thanks to a kid he didn't particularly like?

Aracely. Peter reminded him of Aracely. That was the only thing he could think of. And he didn't particularly like her either. She was just someone who needed help, and he was the unlucky sap who got saddled with her. If he had left her, she would have just gotten killed... in any of those times he had gone back to save her. She was just a child. She deserved a second chance. Peter deserved a second chance.

Kaine downed the rest of his drink, knowing full well that it will probably come to bite him in his low tolerant ass later.

Option B (Scarlet Spider):
[Kaine needed something to punch. It didn't matter what or who, so long as it had a face that he could connect with his fist. He had no recollection of putting the costume on, or leaving his suite for that matter, only swinging through the air throughout Keeliai, looking for someone relatively out of place. He was a man on a mission, one who wouldn't be satisfied until he was able to take his frustration out on someone who looked like they might deserve it, preferably someone of the criminal persuasion.]
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[Even when Malicant isn't terrorizing people, Keeliai does have some problems. It's a city like any other and Tony, like a lot of people, gets restless if he doesn't make some occasional laps around to check the Sectors for signs of trouble. What he finds is a man in a spider costume. It's familiar enough to grab his attention and out of place enough to keep it. Tony comes down from above him, not diving but still coming in quickly to keep up.]

Whoa, where's the fire? You look like you've got one hell of an appointment, and I feel sorry for your date already.
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Well, that's rude.

[Tony's response is immediate and dry, sounding more teasing than actually offended. He's had some shaky relationships with Spiders in the past, it's true, but for the most part he would like to think they aren't on horrible terms.

Then again, he hadn't really paid that much attention even when he had the opportunity. They weren't high on his priority list, that's all. But the reaction he's getting this time is downright tense.]

Pretty sure you can't be in that much of a hurry. If a building were on fire, I'd know. What is it? Overdue dental appointment? You have to get to library to return a book before it closes? Nah, palace is restricted so it can't be that...

[Hey, he's totally asking for information instead of demanding it. That counts as polite.]

Give me a hint.
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Okay, fine. You don't want to play nice?

[He flies ahead and turns, intent on cutting Kaine off. He's not even threatening, because, as far as he knows, there's no real reason to be so far.

Then again, he's acting hostile enough to make him want to push back.]

What's the rush?
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That's not what I said, is it?

[Tony doesn't handle posturing as well as he could. It's one of the standing problems often pointed out to him by the other Avengers (and everyone else) that his tendency to push back can end up hurting more than helping. That doesn't mean he can stop himself, but he does know about it.

And maybe, just maybe, today isn't the day to start pushing other people around.]

I just like to know who's swinging around in my area. Lots of people going in and out, so you understand how it is. Thanks for stopping, by the way.
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[Tony, despite his persistence, is fully aware of the hostility. It's partly because of that hostility that he is so persistent, his desire to contradict pushing him to continue harassing Kaine.]

I thought I already did. You're in my air space. But if you want to play games, I guess we could always play tag.
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[He must have done something to him. He hadn't read anything about this guy, but he hadn't had time to catch up on every slighted and pissed off mask that he'd burned in one way or another. It was possible he'd missed the memo.

But that didn't mean Tony was going to take this crap either. Time to move forward.]

Then we're going to have problems. You're still in my backyard and we're going to run into each other. If you want to try and knock me down, you give it your best shot. I wasn't going to make this a big deal, but if that's the way you want to play, I'll play.
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[Tony is counting on his push back to carry his weight. Luckily, this time the gamble seems to pay off. He doesn't want to fight either, but if he doesn't assert himself now, they'll just keep butting heads. And sooner or later someone gets hurt.]

Fair enough. I'm just letting you know we're neighbors. Next time I'll bring you a Jell-O mold if it makes you feel better. Off-world or not, we're still on the same side, right?
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[He doesn't acknowledge the retort. Tony's riding high on his own ego at the moment, and this is a game he's used to playing, so he acts as if he's done nothing wrong.]

The other, other Spider-Man? Anger Management Spider?

[Wait, he probably did do something. He really needs to stop poking him.]

Okay, sorry. Should I? I'm guessing by your attitude I shaved your cat at one point. In my defense, I don't remember doing it and I probably didn't know that it was yours.
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So you just go retro for the fun of it? Nice look.

[He's not really sure what he was expecting. Maybe a time gap again. The lack of Stark Tech involved means that it's possible, and he didn't want to jump to conclusions since this Spider isn't wearing his gear, but he can never be too sure.]

Well, we can always go with another variant. There's enough of you guys around. You could try using numbers, but that would just get creepy, I'm sure.

[But if this were about Spider-Man and what Tony thought it'd be about, he'd be fighting, not talking. That makes him pause.]

You want to tell me what this is about?
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Really? Because I don't remember asking you for anything. Except to slow down, but the point is I don't think there's very much trust involved right now. If it makes you feel better, I'll keep my hands where you can see them. Hey, while I've got you here, you want to do a survey for me?

[Seriously, he didn't expect to throw him off quite that much. Maybe he should be more sensitive to these things, but Tony's never been good with aggression.]
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[Okay, he's going to consider this a victory. He doesn't really know why Angry Spider has a grudge against him, but if it were because of something he'd done to him, he probably would have made that part clear already.

Clear by beating his face in, if he could manage it.

And the fact he isn't trying yet is a good sign. Tony hovers in front of the wall, deciding just how to approach this new neighbor situation.]

Look, we're clearly not friends, but we are stuck here. Don't you think it'd go a little bit easier if we tried to get along? You know, just a thought since we've already got crazy evil entities trying to kill us.
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[Tony listens without interrupting him, which is a pretty impressive feat considering it's Tony. He waits for the finish and once he gets to the question at the end, the "offer" Kaine has for him, he lets out a short laugh that sounds like static through the speakers.]

Boring. [That'll go over fine, right? Right.]

I hate to tell you this, but we're not in New York anymore. You want to play dodgeball while people are in trouble, fine. It's your choice. But I have one question for you.

[Just one. No big deal, really.]

If you don't care so much, then why are you out here?
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[The fact that Kaine knows what he's saying is telling more than his answer. Tony is even more certain about him as he answers. The assumption that Tony will track him down if he flees is accurate. He has his hunch already, and pushing him away will only make him more persistent in trying to figure him out.

The answer is truthful. He knows that feeling, and he can tell that the man is wrestling with something. That's the plight of a superhero apparently. You never do know exactly what you're doing.]

Well, you're out here now. Maybe that's a sign of something, hm? You've already got the suit. Why not let that ride out for now and see what happens?

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