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Tel Vishani & Dreaming | Open

Characters: The Tel Vishani and YOU
Date: January 28, 2014
Location: Keeliai
Situation: With just over a month under their shells, the baby turtles are starting to explore the Dreaming realm with, appropriately enough, baby steps in the dreams of others. They are reaching out with curiosity to the Foreigners, with mixed results.
Warnings/Rating: Tiny turtles

Note: This log is set at night and characters will technically encounter the baby turtles in their 'dreams' (as triggered and tweaked by the turtles themselves). Those characters that do not require sleep are welcome to say that a baby turtle mentally nudged them into a daze or the like so as to facilitate this dreaming.

As with the Asti log back in May, this log is not predominantly plot-driven. The baby turtles are trying out their capacities for mental influence as they grow and evolve closer and closer to the state of being individual Tu Vishani, rather than the Tel Vishani that they currently are. These threads may be slice of life or may angle towards more plot relevant material, but it will be dependent on the actions and reactions of each character.

A character's 'dreamscape' should be shaped by their subconscious mind, so feel free to go wild with whatever you'd like. This includes details of their location and what their dream!selves might look like. Each baby turtle will appear differently and sometimes two or three will show up in each dream, depending on what they are doing. They will each first appear as a baby turtle before taking on customised appearances with the first reply to the thread. Characters may also not remember perfect details of these dreams in the morning, or remember them at all. That much is up to you.

Roy and Alex will be sharing the baby turtle tagging on an alternating basis (one of us will take even numbered threads, the other will take odd). We will indicate in the thread header which of us is writing us, for the ease of contact to clarify things, and should the writer within a thread switch, we will similarly notify.

We ask that you not pick which baby turtle appears to your character. This will give us the ability to share the threads amidst the turtles and to best juggle any cross-dream shenanigans that may happen.

[The night is cool and calm, the perfect atmosphere in which a fleet of baby turtles may test out their fledgling powers of the dream. They reach out to wander in and out of dreams, curiosity flaring at every new thing that they discover.


It remains their favourite question, asked time and again as they adjust to this strange world that they have come into. But Keeliai, for all its finality, is but a city and they want to know more.


The Foreigners are not from here, but from there. Where? There! And they want to know more, so they descend upon their dreams with a flurry of interest, reaching out to those with a receptive mind. At times, they crash through into the dreams, for they are as familiar with dream travelling as they are with doors. They will be apologetic for their haste and quick to headbutt the first dreamform they see, if only to prove that they still love you!]
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[As is the case with most of his dreams, Kaine is fighting. Tonight, he's fighting himself. The current Kaine is clad in his Scarlet Spider costume, while his opponent, the Kaine of the past, is wearing the black webbed costume that kept him alive so many years ago. Every move the current Kaine makes is mirrored perfectly by the past, and as a result neither are making much headway as they battle across the skyscrapers of downtown Houston. Always just to the side of the dueling pair is a large spider, perched upon a giant web, who merely watches.]
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[Both Kaines pause at the sight of the little turtle, but when it goes after the, they jump towards the turtle in unison, panic masked by the masks but clear in their voices.] No!

[By the time they reach the turtle, they have merged together, one half Scarlet Spider, one half the assassin named Kaine.] That is very, very dangerous.

[Kaine looks behind him at the Other, expecting it to leap towards the baby turtle with its usual cry of "prey!" Instead, it just sits there, watching.]
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It's a monster. It... it likes to hurt people. And no, it won't hurt me. It is me. Sort of.

But I won't let it hurt you. [Looks at the Other as he says it. Not this one. Not a child.]
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[...Is this what Aracely goes through on a regular basis? Should he ever see her again, he makes a solemn vow to never think her crazy again.] Because it lives inside me. We made a deal.

[What the...? Definitely never going to call Aracely's dreams crazy again.]

Because that's what it exists to do. Hurt people. [He pauses.] What the hell's an Asti?
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My cooperation for my life. It brought me back from the dead. Twice.

[The spider simply continues to stare. It's not afraid of you, tiny turtle girl.

...This dream wasn't meant to give him some insight into the crazy shit Aracely dreamt about. This was a crazy dream about Aracely. No one else talked like they just ate an entire box of pixie sticks.

I... have no idea. And they're... turtles? [Yes, his opinion on turtles is that they're turtles.] One of you ruined one of my favorite restaurants last week? [He says that as a question. Mainly because he has no idea how the hell to answer the turtle's barrage of questions.]
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It doesn't talk to me when I'm dead. It's a part of me because it brought me back to life.

[Kaine has come to terms with his monster. While he still worries that he'll lose control one day, he's more or less come to accept that it will forever be a part of him.]

It was a Bar-- [Pauses when he sees the buffet, particularly at the chocolate-dipped shoes. It's not so much the shoes that surprise him, but that apparently the turtle had taken the time to dip it in chocolate first.] --Bar-b-Que. [He says the word and the scenery changes. They're now in Aracely's favorite Bar-b-Que place. Kaine's duality is gone, and he's simply present Kaine. In one of the booths, a ghost of a young Mexican girl in a light blue hoodie is eating her weight in ribs, while the spider now resides in the corner.]

And you're not supposed to eat restaurants. You're supposed to eat the food in them.
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[Bites the inside of his mouth to keep from smiling. He's going insane, this is no time to smile. This crazy figment really did remind him of Aracely, though.]

It was a dump. But Aracely liked it enough so we went there a lot.

[He decides the best course of action would be to just let the crazy train run its course, so he sits at the booth opposite his memory of Aracely (who has taken a break from eating ribs to take a sip of her milkshake), then looks at the girl....turtle.]

And what happens when you eat all the restaurants? Who makes your food then?
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A dump is... it's... well it's where you send trash, but in that case it means someplace you don't like. [He motions to the illusion of a girl across from him.] And that's Aracely. I took care of her back home. She's actually a lot like you--full of questions.

[He actually snorts at that.] Yeah, they can only build so many.
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She's a good kid, even if she drives me crazy. ...Aracely is very good.

[He rolls his eyes.] Fantastic. I won't starve when I'm dreaming. That won't do me any good when you destroy all the real restaurants.

[Still, though, it's nice to be surrounded by familiar things that aren't trying to kill you, even if it's literally all in his head. And with that thought a tall, thin man walks in with another, slightly smaller and heavier man. The pair sit down at the booth. Following them, a young woman with pink hair walks in, but she blinks out of existence before making it to the others. No, not Annabelle. He still feels too guilty about what he had done with Galatea... He didn't want to face her even in his dream.]
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We both know them. [Motions to the shorter, heavier one sitting next to Aracely.] That's Doctor Donald Meland, [Motions to the taller, thinner one sitting next to him.] and his husband Sergeant Wally Layton. They're our friends. No, they're not dangerous. They're both very good people.

And they showed up because you're making me think of home.
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I figured I'm either dreaming or I'm going crazy again... I decided to believe I was dreaming. [He shrugs.] And I'm not doing anything, you just mention them and when I think about them they show up. [He has a bit of a vivid imagination.

None of the dream forms have any sort of reaction to the turtle's words; instead they silently chat with one another and eat ribs. Kaine, on the other hand, obscures the lower half of his face with his hand to hide the faintest of smiles. All he can think about is how much Aracely would love this.

Do you have a name?
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...That's actually Yang [Referring to the bright light from her fingers], but you know what, when you can spell at like three weeks old I'm not going to split hairs.

My name is Kaine.
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[Snorts.] You're probably the first person to say that.

But I suppose you have a good name too.

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