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[open] catch-all for anne + general starters

Characters: Anne Bonny and YOU.
Date: All throughout January and February (backdating welcome)
Location: Mostly Wood Sector, and the Brazen Turtle bar in Fire Sector. Can be elsewhere for particular threads.
Situation: Catch-all for February and open situations for right now, including popular hits like: Anne working in bars, being rather baffled by kedan markets, shooting things to make herself feel better.
Warnings/Rating: Swearing is more than likely. Guns, pirates, alcohol. Spoilers to be marked in individual threads but none so far.

[1. Brazen Turtle] [ It's hard to believe she's been at this for a month, but there it is. Cleaner than she's ever been, bar uniform only slightly customised - and that for ease of movement on the vague chance a fight starts - she looks almost respectable, and since Kirk took over the place she's gotten more sure with the running of it. Still, she'll not recognise half the faces that show up from evening to evening, but that's something she's used to from working a port tavern. She smiles all the same, takes her pleasure in meeting new people and strange creatures, and leaves her boredom for after her shifts. ]

[2. Shopping] [ She's more used to dealing with ship business at this point, rum and rope and gunpowder, but buying for herself and Kidd is much the same as it was for another James back in Nassau and a damn sight cheaper. Food's easy to work out, for all it's strange; drink's easier. There're items she can't guess a purpose for and doesn't care to ask after, and different fashions and tastes than those she's used to, but there's a kind of pleasure in just wandering the markets. Exploration of a different kind. ]

[3. Target Practice] [ Still, she doesn't forget that it's a war she's been brought here to fight, not rowdy bar patrons or haggling kedan merchants. She's not about to let herself get rusty; there are a number of targets set up in a clearing further out in Wood Sector for her to practice shooting. And she needs to practice nowadays, because her old pistol's completely out of ammunition, she's had to switch to something Tess can find bullets for, and the thing's half as heavy and carries six shots, not one. At least one morning a week finds her at the range, now. ]

[4. Choose Your Own Adventure]
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[The sound of gunfire catches Kaine's attention. It was a rare sound to hear in Keeliai, so naturally he's drawn toward it. He watches in silence as the redheaded woman fires the clip at a stationary target.]

You don't seem very comfortable with that. [Yes, Kaine, startle the woman with the gun. Brilliant plan.]
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we can be super late together.

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You're holding it like you're expecting a heavier gun. Try holding it more like this. [Motions the proper grip with his hands. His tone makes it clear that it's merely a suggestion, one he particularly doesn't care if you take or not. He's mostly here to see said gun.]

I didn't even know they made guns here.
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but who will show up to the meetings?

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[At the look he merely gives her a shrug. Seriously, take it or leave it, lady.]

I guess I just haven't been looking hard enough.

Where'd you get yours?