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Oh lord, I have been sold; that I must take the unforsaken road...

Characters: Natasha Romanova, Rikki Barnes, Olivia Dunham & YOU!
Date: NOW
Location: Various locations
Situation: There's a spy doing spy things, a teenage vigilante picking the wrong fight, and and an FBI agent trying to figure out how to cause her own fringe events.
Warnings/Rating: Violence, compound fractures, angry Russians... also Steve cuts a guy in half. :|
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By the time Rikki makes it home, it's past "so late it's early" and on into "so early dawn's threatening". She realizes halfway there that maybe she should have had Steve or Bucky call Tommy, but pain is distracting and it's a little late for that now. She realizes when she gets to the door that she has no way of actually getting inside - the way the kedan have been lately (and after the incident with Steve), they keep the front door locked even when one of them's home, and she tends to leave the key behind when she can just as easily slip in through an upstairs window. Not really an option tonight.

Rikki groans softly and lets her forehead fall against the door with a soft thunk, resting there for a moment before she lifts her good arm and knocks. "Tommy?" she calls softly. "Can you come let me in, please?"

Please be awake...
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Rikki is extremely lucky. Any other time, Tommy would be asleep. But with everything that's been happening, having Molly in the apartment, and his constant hunger meant he's not been sleeping all too well the past few nights. He's usually a pretty deep sleeper, but hunger pangs wake him regularly, and he has to get up and eat something before he can go back to sleep.

And Rikki managed to catch him at one of these times. He's currently sitting blearily on the kitchen counter, in not much more than his boxers, with half a piece of toast in his hand, his mouth full when he squints at the door when it makes a noise. That's enough to knock him a little more awake. Right up until he hears who's on the otherside.

Tommy frowns, sliding off of the counter, and moves over to the door, unlocking it and opening it after a short pause, and blinks out into the dawn glow of the turtle shell. The moment he sees Rikki's arm, he coughs on his mouthful.

"--The heck happened to you?"
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Rikki smiles tiredly, trying not to look as wrung out and in pain as she actually is, even with the drugs Bucky brought her. It's not very convincing, with the bruises and tear-streaked cheeks and, of course, the arm, but she tries. "Ambush. Guess the locals got tired of me. But I'm okay."

She blinks, pausing for a second as she notices the network of scars patterning his legs. She's never seen them before, and her stomach flip-flops for what must be the twentieth time tonight as she realizes there's no way those are from normal superhero things. Another time, she might ask - carefully - but Bucky and Steve are here and...

"Right. Um. This is Bucky. He's my grandpa. You've... met Steve. Obviously." She should probably get inside and sit down or something.
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A pang of guilt hits Tommy when he realises she got like this on patrol--patrols they used to go on together. But what with his food issue, he's not really been up to much of anything, let alone crime fighting. He was just unaware that she kept going on without him.

He gives her a worries once over, his frown getting more and more concerned the more he notices. He wants to say that she doesn't look okay--he can tell she's been crying--but that wouldn't help anything. He's silent right up until she mentions Bucky and Steve and. Okay. He'd been so caught up with her that he'd not even noticed other people were here. He shuffles the door open a bit more to let them all come in, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Uh, right. Yeah. C'mon in guys." Suddenly he's very aware that he's wearing nothing but boxers, in a room full of people, so his image blurs for a second before it refocuses in a small gust of air, now with the addition of pajama pants.
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Bucky's hovering. Steve probably can recognize that (he's complained about it plenty enough times, at any rate), but he's letting Rikki take the lead.

He gives the speedster a halfway smile that doesn't reach his eyes (because how can it, right now?) They've barely met and briefly talked on the network, and now - between Bucky's own talk with Rikki and Steve's story of walking in on them? He'll be paying more attention.

The concern he shows for Rikki is promising, though. The scars... are their own story, and he knows a bit about those. (He wonders what scars Rikki has. Now, there will be another.) He also notices Rikki's reaction to the scars, which - for all of Steve's reaction, it says something about them.

"Hey, and thanks." His eyebrows do shoot up at the speed display. "I'm pretty sure you shouldn't overdo that." Mild voice. Just - a reminder that he's aware of the difficulty the rationing poses. Not a berating.
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Rikki smiles a little to herself as she walks carefully to the kitchen table, hooks out a chair with her foot, and sits down in an exhausted flop that jars her arm enough that she has to stop and catch her breath. She'll have to be more careful about that.

"This is him not overdoing it, trust me," she says as she sets her head down on the table. After a moment, she asks wearily, "Is Princess Powerful asleep?"

She hopes so. She does not want to talk an indignant twelve-year-old out of stalking out of the house right this instant and punching the people responsible. They can have that conversation once Rikki's slept.
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Steve settles near the door, with his back resting against the wall, arms crossed. His demeanor has little to do with anyone present, circumstances aside. He's an officer on leave, formal and distant, except when his focus lands on Rikki. Then the gentleness of concern creeps in.

"Princess Powerful?"
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He's about to tell Bucky that he's not overdoing it, but Rikki beats him to it, and after everyone's in, he shuts the door and heads over to where she's sitting, leaning up against one of the opposite counters. The air feels tense, and Tommy isn't sure if the envoy that's followed Rikki here are going to stay or go, so he shifts awkwardly, looking at them both.

"Yeah, she is," he says, glad for it. He was fond of Molly, but he was also pretty sure that she'd want to go hunt down the Kedan responsible, and Tommy didn't have the energy to be tracking down a twelve year old with superstrength near dawn.

He glances at Steve. "Molly Hayes. She's living with us now," he pauses, realising how that must sound before adding: "I know here from back home--she's only a kid, and with everything that's going on right now--" a pointed look at Rikki, "--I didn't want her to be on her own."
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"Good call, especially if she knows you." Bicky's voice lowers, correspondingly to the new information, and he does wink a bit at Rikki when she replies to him. He's just reminding, not berating.

After a moment, he settles a small package on the table nearest to where Rikki sat.

"These are for as needed, I will get more, if it's necessary. Keep out of the reach of children. And don't be hesitant to call out if you need anything. Either of you."

It's important to remind them... not that they are either of them at an age or with a background where they are likely to do it.
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Rikki lifts her head to smiles gratefully at Bucky, giving a tiny half-hearted salute with her good hand. "Yes, sir."

She's not actually used to calling for help even when she does need it, but maybe broken bones will make her more inclined to accept her own limits. Maybe.

Noticing Tommy hovering awkwardly, she smiles faintly to herself before glancing back to Steve and Bucky. "Can I go to bed now? I promise I'll lock all the doors and windows, and I'll call you to let you know how I'm doing whenever I wake up."
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Tommy peers at the package that's placed on the counter with curiosity, still shifting uneasily on his feet (he always did that when someone of authority was around.) He's relieved when Rikki makes for them to leave, shifting so he's beside her, to get a better look at her arm and the mystery package.

"And even if any kedan did get in, Molly would totally pummel them before they got past the door. She makes a good guard kid," he smiles, weakly.
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Once Steve and Bucky have left, Rikki just sits at the table for a moment. Her arm's throbbing. Her whole body aches. Her head hurts, which might just be from crying and dehydration, but it's hard to think through. She wants to lie down in bed and never move again, but that means actually getting up, moving, and that's kind of the last thing she wants to do right now.

Instead, she looks up at Tommy with an apologetic little smile. "So... guess patrolling without you wasn't the best idea I've ever had, huh?"
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Tommy's glad when the two escorts are gone. It's hard not to feel under scrutiny by Steve at the best of times, but he knows how close Rikki and Bucky are, so it was three times as worse as that time that Steve walked in on them. It feels like he can release a breath he didn't even realise he was holding, and once he shuts the door behind them he heaves a sigh. And then looks straight back over to Rikki.

He cracks a weak smile and goes over to her, leaning back up against the counter. "Not really, no." His eyes go over her one last time, taking in all the injuries, before he sighs to himself.

"You should get some rest."
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"Yeah. Probably. Sun's gonna be up soon."

That last comment might be her trying to convince herself movement is necessary. She cannot sleep at the table. It just won't work out. She draws a breath and pushes herself up with her good hand, pressing the broken arm in its sling a little more tightly against her chest to protect it. Once on her feet, she eyes the bag on the table for a moment, quietly wondering if she's going to need some more drugs to sleep or if she can get by without them, and after a second decides a second dose can't hurt.

Rikki retrieves a pill and swallows it dry, grimacing a little as it sticks in her throat. "Pretty sure I'm grounded until this heals, at least. Maybe by then you'll be able to keep up."
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He makes a movement as if he's about to help her up, hesitating when she does finally push onto her feet. He's hovering awkwardly, like he wants to help but he's not entirely sure how.

"Hey, I can totally keep up now," he pauses, grabbing the bag on the table to carry it in for her, and starts to herd her into her room, "I just need regular snack breaks."

Tommy goes to hold the door to her room open for her, watching her make her way across the apartment. He frowns slightly. "So what happened exactly? Do I need to go beat up some locals or what?"
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She smiles gratefully at the opened door - maybe she doesn't need it, strictly speaking, but it's nice anyway.

"I think Steve might have covered that already. I was just..." She lets out a sigh and shakes her head in quiet disgust - mostly at herself, to be honest, because she should have known better, should have been better... "I guess some of the local gangs got sick of Nomad. I thought I ran into a mugging, but it was an ambush. Broke my arm instead of my skull, but if Steve hadn't found me..."

She'd be dead right now. She knows that, without a doubt. She still hasn't figured out how she feels about it.
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The colour sort of drains from his face and he rubs the back of his neck. A pang of guilt forces its way into the pit of his stomach. If he had been there instead of cooped up in here it could have been avoided. God he hated this.

Tommy shuts the door to her room behind her and leans against it, trying to process the situation. He doesn't even want to think about what might've happened if Steve hadn't been there to help.

"Shit," he says, swallowing thickly. "Yeah, no more patrolling without me, okay?"
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Rikki sits on the bed and nods wearily, scrubbing at her face with her free hand. She doesn't mind going patrolling with a partner, but admitting that she needs the backup, that she might not be safe without it... That's something else.

It's also something to worry about another day, because right now, she is tired.

"I promise." She starts unbuttoning her jacket with her good hand, but... it turns out doing this one-handed is harder than she realized. And now that she thinks about it, there's no way she's getting her arm out of the sleeve on her own without hurting herself. Rikki looks back up at Tommy with an embarrassed smile. "Um. I think I could use a little help here."
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Tommy has no idea what Rikki was feeling--he's always been on a team, always had other people to watch out for him. He didn't think that made him weak. He could look after himself when he wanted to, but damn. It was good to know someone else had your back. And he fully intends to have Rikki's.

He blinks out of his thoughts when Rikki calls for him, and can't help but crack a small smile before going over to sit next to her on the bed, their thighs touching.

"If Cap asks about this, you better say my intentions were pure," he smiles, before moving to unbutton the front of her jacket, hovering a little bit too long over her chest, his eyes looking down at his fingers. Suddenly it's not that funny anymore. He clears his throat and keeps moving down, and then starts pushing the jacket off of her good arm.
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"I promise I'll vouch for you," she says with a smile, turning toward him to make the job easier. "And, worst comes to worst, you can always hide behind me."

There's a shirt under her jacket, so at least it's not too awkward at the moment. Being in pain does kind of reduce the potential sexiness of the moment, too. She twists her body to help shake off the sleeve, and then gently removes the sling from her injured arm herself, moving slowly so she doesn't bump anything.

Her jacket sleeve's a tattered mess up to her elbow, bloodstained where the bone poked through and further torn where Steve and the doctor pulled it back to look at it and then fix it. Looking at it, Rikki sighs softly. "That's gonna be fun to fix."
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He laughs, pulling the sleeve off gently before getting a proper look at the other mangled one, his smile turning quickly into a grimace.

"Hiding behind you, huh?" he starts, looking at the gaping hole in the sleeve. "Or I could just run. I'm faster than him. He'll never catch me."

He pauses, peeling a little of the coat back as gently as he can, wincing at the amount of blood. "I bet there's somebody here who can repair super suits. Just don't look at me. My specialty is ruining them," he says, giving Rikki a brief smile before he gingerly starts to pull the sleeve off.

"Punch me when it hurts."
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"I did some of my own repairs for a while, but this is--"

She breaks off with a soft hiss as some of the cloth snags on her splint and jostles it a little. The painkillers are definitely helping, but it's not exactly pleasant either. Rikki pauses, draws in a breath and gives Tommy a reassuring smile before she goes on.

"...a little much for me. Ow. Not your fault, just... ow."
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He can't help but flinch and pause when she does, his fingers twitching around the fabric as he glances up at her to make sure she's okay for him to keep going. He wishes he doesn't know what that's like, but he'd broken his leg in this place. And a whole lotta other stuff before that. If anything, Rikki couldn't be in better hands. Tommy learned how to clean up his own wounds after a while.

"Yeah, I know. I'm sorry," he starts, before commencing with the peeling away of the fabric, being very careful. It's probably the longest time Rikki has ever seen Tommy concentrate on one thing so intensely.

"You should just put a patch or something there. It'll totally look fine."
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Rikki snorts softly, sighing in relief once the jacket's all the way off. "Yeah, totally."

She considers her shirt for a moment - it's clean enough, having been under her jacket, and she doesn't really want to go to the effort of changing it. She can sleep in it. But...

"So remember what you said about pure intentions? 'Cause I'm gonna need you to unhook my bra for me."
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Tommy gets up off the bed when he manages to get the coat off of her and drapes it over the back of a chair, rubbing his fingertips free of the dried blood that had managed to get on them. He ends up just wiping them on his pajama pants, and turns back to Rikki just to catch what she says. There's a moments pause, noticible for a speedster, and Tommy's expression cant seem to decide on smug or intimidated. He clears his throat and settles for licking his lower lip and stumbling over his words.

"Uh, okay. Yeah. Totally pure. Right," he says before settling back next to her and sizing up the challenge. He makes hand movements like he's going to undo it by reaching around Rikki's front (because that's the only way he ever has undone a bra), before pausing.

"From the front or the back?"

If she brings this up again outside of the situation, he'll put his hesitation down to not wanting to jostle her. Totally.
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