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I'm not close I'm not safe

Characters: Kaine and OPEN
Date: December 23rd
Location: Brazen Turtle; Various
Situation: Kaine has an empty nest. Clearly this means there is something wrong with him as a person.
Warnings/Rating: PG-13 to be safe (Kaine has a filthy mouth)

Option A (Kaine):
[Kaine sat at the bar of Brazen Turtle, staring at his beer. He didn't know why he was as bothered by Peter leaving as he was. After all, how many times had he threatened to kick Peter out? He didn't even particularly like the smaller version of Peter Parker. All his presence did was remind him that there were more idealistic idiots out there than even the Peter he was familiar with. The kid was nothing but a nuisance, constantly butting into his business and forcing him to do things he didn't want to do. How could this kid, this boy who didn't know the first thing about him (by design), mean anything to him?

He had spent his entire life alone; he had always preferred that to the company of anyone. There was no one in the world--in the universe, he supposed--that was like him. They all had souls and families and relationships. He was a human shell hiding a monster within a monster. Miles Warren, his father, had put him on his destructive path by creating him, but Kaine was fully aware that he was the instrument of his own destruction. His own actions through the years had insured that he could never join society the way that Ben had tried, no matter what he did in an attempt to atone. Kaine knew this... he embraced it. So why was it bothering him now, all thanks to a kid he didn't particularly like?

Aracely. Peter reminded him of Aracely. That was the only thing he could think of. And he didn't particularly like her either. She was just someone who needed help, and he was the unlucky sap who got saddled with her. If he had left her, she would have just gotten killed... in any of those times he had gone back to save her. She was just a child. She deserved a second chance. Peter deserved a second chance.

Kaine downed the rest of his drink, knowing full well that it will probably come to bite him in his low tolerant ass later.

Option B (Scarlet Spider):
[Kaine needed something to punch. It didn't matter what or who, so long as it had a face that he could connect with his fist. He had no recollection of putting the costume on, or leaving his suite for that matter, only swinging through the air throughout Keeliai, looking for someone relatively out of place. He was a man on a mission, one who wouldn't be satisfied until he was able to take his frustration out on someone who looked like they might deserve it, preferably someone of the criminal persuasion.]
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[Kyle'd slowed his patrols of the Turtle since this many vigilantes were running around on the rooftops fighting crime or whatnot. Much as it took a lot of the pressure off him to act all superhero-like, a lot of them were kids and it hardly seemed fair.]

[He doesn't expect to find Kaine again, let alone at the spot where they'd first met, beating the crap out of some poor kedan, just another verse of the same song.]

Hey - watch it!
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[He might have to be if Kaine keeps up like this.]

What'd he do, kill somebody?
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We live next door to each other. You aren't getting rid of me any time soon.

[Face. Palm.]

Are we gonna have the anger management talk again or should I just grab you by the ankle and dangle you above the city til you get it?
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Pal, the best people have already tried. What the hell makes you think you can?
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Last I checked you're the one starting crap! You wanna finish it or not?
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[Instead of retorting, Kyle folds his arms, jaw clenched, and shoots Kaine a cold glare.]

Why don't you stop, think for a minute, and take a guess.
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[Kaine why are you an idiot. Kyle grinds his teeth but a lot of the irritation bleeds out of him. He's calm.]

Anger management mean anything to you? Like, seriously? Did you try going to the dojo first? I'm pretty sure there'll be people there willing to give you a workout. This guy [he gestures to the kedan] isn't gonna wear you out.
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[Dammit, 1990s!]

An acknowledgement of the problem? Some initiative?
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[Kyle's about to retort that it's not about him, it's about Kaine and this isn't how superheroes do things, but he just makes a very frustrated noise, shakes his head, and flies off. This needs a different, more subtle approach that he needs to stop and think about, instead of just diving into and hoping everything will be fine.]